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  1. Sounds like you're looking for an orchestration tool. Ansible would fit this bill pretty nicely. The debug command would also work for you, but would almost be as rough as logging into each one. Powershell has remoting capabilities. You could script the whole thing in powershell, then do a for loop to get through each server you want to restart the service on.
  2. With the exchange, there's a possibility of maintaining multiple children DSs for a single parent DS in the repo. With that, you'd be able to clone an existing repo module, modify it and both the original and the clone would subscribe to the in repo version for updates. It's a possibility now that we have exchange rolled out. not sure if/when.
  3. I think you can store that script file somewhere else and provide the full path to the file. That way it would be outside the directories touched by the Collector upgrade.
  4. To generalize to more than just Jira: what if we had integration "actions" that could be added to an alert integration. Those actions would then appear with the SDT and escalate buttons. They would ideally be controlled via RBAC and be able to conditionally appear based on data in the alert.
  5. User group management doesn't exist in v2 of the API. You can try v3 of the API, which is completely undocumented, unpublished, and unsupported (but pretty easy to reverse engineer using developer tools in your browser).
  6. Complex datapoints will only take into consideration data obtained from the current poll and won't look at previous values. The only exception is the delta datapoints. You could probably do some cumulative averaging to get this to work, but it'd be a bit complicated and difficult for anyone coming after to follow. Have you looked at the SLA widget for dashboards?
  7. You can configure Dynamic Thresholds to look for deviations from the norm either positive, negative, or both. Perhaps some more information about what you've tried so we can guide you to something that will fit.
  8. It seems like you're asking if you can modify the layout of information in the email. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The only editing of the content you can do is through the message templates:
  9. Yes, you can write JSON content to a cached token since you can write any string object. I'm not sure what the character limit might be. def scriptCache scriptCache = this.class.classLoader.loadClass("com.santaba.agent.util.script.ScriptCache").getCache(); String token = scriptCache.get("myjson"); if(token == null){ //the token is empty because it has not been set previously //generate the json and set it into a token def json = JsonOutput.toJson([name: 'John Doe', age: 42]) assert json == '{"name":"John Doe","age":42}' scriptCache.set("myjson", json); } else{ //the json has been
  10. If you need support, you should be reaching out to support through their channels. The community does not provide support on the product. That said, have you tried the method described here?
  11. I think there may be more to your question because alerts today are delivered in text/html format: Are you maybe looking to get your alerts into another system by scraping the email? In that case, you should look into using an Integration as a member of your escalation chain. This would allow LM to do an actual HTTP Post of the data into your system. Either way, what is your goal?
  12. For those who attended today's webinar, thanks! Please fill out our feedback survey. Here's the recording of today's webinar:
  13. Not giving any official response here, just my own wild theories: Older non-SaaS products could be wide open allowing you to send reports as often as you want because the party affected by the increased load is you the customer, who is hosting the software and presumably handing the communication service. Given that these emails from from LM through our infrastructure, I imagine this was put in place very early on to prevent someone from dragging down the system by scheduling tons of reports every hour. Likely not an issue now given our improved infrastructure and there could easily be checks
  14. FYI: this community supports private messaging. Just click on the user's name and you should see a "Message" button overlaying their cover picture.
  15. Does this do what you're looking for? Whipped it together really quickly, so it works but may need some cosmetic improvements.