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  1. Hi All, Are their any NetApp SolidFire users? Particularly interested in polling approach for ElementOS v11 cluster, volume, node and drive metrics. DataSources originally written for Element OS v7 have been deprecated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Has anyone taken a swing at polling Geist PDU's for power related metrics?
  3. Hi All, Having issues setting up the JDBC Mssql Datasources using Windows authentication. Can I use a domain account with necessary sql permissions other than the the account the collector is running for the jdbc mssql datasources? If yes, what are requirements for properties (jdbc.mssql.user, jdbc.mssql.pass and jdbc.mssql.url? Thanks in advance. Dan
  4. Like, connect to a remote desktop and ensure we reach a desktop, login, logout? Track - monitor how long the connect, login, logout takes? Thanks!
  5. Connectwise users, I see no comments on this thread for a couple years. Is there a way to write a note to a ticket thru the Connectwise API? Fingers crossed!