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  1. I think LM is going to be the wrong tool for this if the goal is to count bytes.rn2 reason:rn rnrollup of data means that data is averaged as the month goes onrnI dont think LM is storing the discreet datarnrnI would look at adding RTG2 to your monitoring and measurement platform. Have it walk your tree for the Fortigate then start storing discreet data in a database (PostreSQL and MySQL supported), then just:rnselect sum(column name) where id=custid;
  2. Originally sent as a support request. It was then suggested that it be brought up in this forum instead, so here I am. Customer I am doing work with now has EMC VNX and VNXe deployments and it would be awesome if we could get some insight as to what is going on with these storage appliances.
  3. http://www.squid-cache.org/Misc/monitor.html Using the cachemgr interface, LoMo should be able to produce graphs and threshold alerting for customers.
  4. Within the interface there is a nice long view of VMs when you are looking at a vCenter system and are within the Virtual Machines datasource. I assume the data is gathered already but it would be awesome if there was a dynamic update for the VM to know what host it is on as part of the display of that datasource. Instead of: dns01.dufus.devdns02.dufus.devdns01.dufus.proddns02.dufus.prodHow about: dns01.dufus.dev (host01.cluster01.lcl)dns02.dufus.dev (host02.cluster01.lcl)dns01.dufus.prod (host01.cluster01.lcl)dns02.dufus.prod (host03.cluster01.lcl)This would make further diagnosis easier as you jump around from vCenter to a host. When clusters are 8-20 hosts in size it can take a while to figure out where that guest lives and this would shorten that time quite a bit.
  5. I'd also suggest that a logo could be uploaded that is different than the company logo for reports, and even better if it could be done on a per report basis (a drop down of uploaded images).