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  1. Well, the Datasources "import" from file option pointed me in the right direction. Turns out my XML file wasn't valid (it had a wrong encoding). I fixed that and will give this another go the next time I have a datasource to import.
  2. Apologies to drag this old thread up, but it's relevant to Sarah Terry's reply The above example/script doesn't seem to be working for me - Only getting HTTP code 200. When I switch to v2 api (by header or query param) its authentication failed. I noticed the content-type header was a literal and $boundary wasn't being evaluated so I changed that but to no avail. Is it possible to get some assistance with this? We've got quite a few we want to import and are generating from a third party api.
  3. With enough tinkering, you'll learn 1) Duplicated my data source with a "counter" type to interpret the data (no math required) 2) Assign to necessary device groups 3) Add data to widgets as expected.
  4. Hello, I'm currently looking to create a dashboard to show a representation of hits on a counter that are collected as "gauge" (specifically, this value is from SNMP and should only increase as it is "TotalPolicyHits"). However, I'm looking for a meaningful way to represent this total on a dashboard. Currently we have 4 principal things we're looking to visualize: Whitelisted IP hits, Blacklisted IP hits, "friendly location" IP hits, "Unfriendly location" IP hits. In terms of data, "friendly" location is a huge number relative to the others (~14x more than the next number