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  1. Mike,

    Thank you for the response.  That is very informative;  I do think that it's best if the feature is natively included in the product; but I will bring the info that you presented to my team and see if everyone will be align with it.


  2. Greetings All, 

    I'm new to LogicMonitor; and had just started working within the SaaS portal for about an hour now; so far it's been fairly straightforward.  I'm curious if there is a feature or anyway in LM to be able to trigger an action/job/process when an event is triggered.  

    For instance, if I setup a web check monitoring and when the website goes down; is there a way in LM to trigger a job to recycle an IIS AppPool on the designated web server?  I'm suspecting that this may not be a feature at all or maybe I just do not have enough access rights in the portal to be able to do/discover more stuff/features.