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  1. Was this ever resolved or were you able to figure out how dimensionless Cloudwatch Metric could be monitored ? I am facing the same issue.
  2. Hi, I would like to raise a feature request. Where-in, we can look at graphs for any device within a group at just one glance. For example, I have a device group named A, which contains 20 different devices. In-order to check tcp connections for all these devices at once, I need to create a dashboard > widgets, but instead, if we could directly, go to the parent folder and then select TCP UDP(right pane) stats, there would be 6 GRAPHS for TCP statistics for all 20 devices just at 1 glance, instead of going from 1-20 of each devices, and clicking multiple tabs to look at the connections requests. I don't have to create single widget Dashboard, for any group that I need, and this way dashboards, need to be created only for those, which need attention daily. Otherwise there should be an option to create an adhoc graph of devices within group on demand. Thanks & regards, Akash pandya
  3. Hi All, As we all know, that currently logic monitor has a feature to setup only 1 fail over collector. I would like to request for a feature, where we can have multiple fail-over collectors and in such a way that even if, the collector is active and polling objects, it still can be set as a fail-over collector. Thanks & Regards, Akash Pandya