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  1. Ability to clone a graph within a datasource. Currently, we have to clone the full datasource
  2. Cluster alerts are triggered, even for hosts/datsources that are in Scheduled Down Time It should be possible to exclude hosts / datasources instances that are in Scheduled Down Time, from be considered when Cluster Alert conditions are evaluated. It may be expected that a host breaches a threshold due to the type of work being done. Alert emails are sent to our support system. We use cluster alerts to log tickets into our support system if one or more hosts in a group are in breach of a threshold i.e. have high memory/CPU usage or a port is down. As the issue always has the same root cause, we only want one ticket raising - not 10 so we set \'\'Suppress individual alerts\'\' and set the threshold to >= 1 host. If a host/datasource instance is in SDT, we don\'t need to investigate the alert it raises.
  3. It would be great if there was the ability to save a view on the Alerts tab rather than everyday, having to type in / select the same filters.
  4. Basically what was made available for dashboards in the previous release, but for datasources! The user with permission on a folder of datasources would not have the ability to change any other settings i.e. would not need the \'\'view/manage settings\'\' permission to be able to make changes to the datasources they have access to.