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  1. I was trying to do an OR operator as well but in the audit/accesslogs. Mike's comment made me think of using the network tab of the developer tools in Firefox. The browser uses this: username:""|"",_all~SAML It also works without quotes:|,_all~SAML
  2. The idea behind this post is also what I figured out on my own, however, I want to see the amount remaining in the message that gets sent in the alert. Will there ever be any kind of free-form secondary return value that can be passed along with the alert? Evaluate this value against these thresholds - send this other value/string if threshold is met (and maybe even per threshold). I really only see this being needed for variably sized storage. We have previously used what is below, but we also had a column for "performance data." when percent_free < 5 and gb_free < 5 then 0 -- critical when percent_free < 10 and gb_free < 15 then 1 -- warn else 3 -- ok