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  1. Same as for frequency for example, I just want to have the value without KHz: Timestamp: 2018-10-11 12:10:33 Normal Datapoints 1 item AcsStatusSatFrequency NaN Fail to get the result of this oid OID is . Raw value is 1767000 KHz Hide Raw Request/Response . 1767000 KHz
  2. Goodmorning, I'm trying to create some custom datapoints for an marine antenna control unit (ACU). A lot of the data consists of non numeric output, and with those I'm struggling at the moment. One example is the SNMP output for "Longtitude/Lattitude" this consists of numbers and a letter. Below is the output (and error) I receive when polling: Timestamp: 2018-10-11 10:47:41 Normal Datapoints 1 item iAcsStatusLat NaN Fail to get the result of this oid OID is . Raw value is 53.683331 N Hide Raw Request/Response . 53.683331 N As you can see the "Raw value" is nicely polled, but the datapoint cannot process it (probably due to the "N" in the data). Simpler data like "heading" is not an issue and is nicely being polled and written to the graphs. Basically I just want the datapoint just to poll the raw data, and plot it to the datapoint. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Br, Ralf