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  1. Same as for frequency for example, I just want to have the value without KHz: Timestamp: 2018-10-11 12:10:33 Normal Datapoints 1 item AcsStatusSatFrequency NaN Fail to get the result of this oid OID is . Raw value is 1767000 KHz Hide Raw Request/Response . 1767000 KHz
  2. Goodmorning, I'm trying to create some custom datapoints for an marine antenna control unit (ACU). A lot of the data consists of non numeric output, and with those I'm struggling at the moment. One example is the SNMP output for "Longtitude/Lattitude" this consists of numbers and a letter. Below is the output (and error) I receive when polling: Timestamp: 2018-10-11 10:47:41 Normal Datapoints 1 item iAcsStatusLat NaN Fail to get the resu