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  1. Is it possible to check an FTP site using an internal web check, and using Groovy script in the request / response? This URL ( seems to indicate the commands that can be used, as if it's limited in some way. I can't think of another way to check the alive-ness of an FTP site somewhere on the web via LogicMonitor, if the device isn't in LogicMonitor itself. Any ideas? Thanks, Roland.
  2. Hi, I already raised this with LogicMonitor via email, but just re-iterating here. For some datapoints, where we want to generate warning/error/critical alerts, you can use the collection interval and alert trigger interval to basically set the amount of time that should elapse if a datapoint threshold/logic triggers an alert. But it's not possible to currently for example set a completely custom interval based on duration. e.g. if I want to generate a warning alert after 3 hours, and an error alert after 4 hours, you have to use a combination of the two things above to get close enough to the duration you want. It would be great if you could, regardless of the collection interval, have more options in the alert trigger interval (currently 1 to 10, and 20,30,40,50,60). So, if I have a collection interval of 5 minutes, I can currently achieve 2.5 hours or 5 hours using 30 and 60 alert trigger interval respectively. Couldn't there be a regular number input rather than a drop-down with predefined options for the alert trigger interval? or a separate option that allows a completely flexible duration? Also, can a custom interval already be set using the API, regardless of the UI, as I could try that? If there's another way to achieve what I want, would be happy to hear it.. :-) Thanks, Roland
  3. Hi, I'm not sure how to officially raise a feature requests, but here are 4 that a customer requested: For Collector remote sessions (choose a Collector => Manage dropdown => Remote Session): would like the ability to support Telnet protocol would like the ability to increase the text buffer size, because you can't always scroll back to find output that was displayed if there's a lot of text would like the ability for better copy/paste would like the ability to use CTRL-F or something similar to search better in the output Thanks, Roland.