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  1. Oops, sorry, I'm using LMv1 authentication (not LMv2).
  2. Thanks Sarah, that was the issue. I'm using LMv2 authentication and "?collectorSize=nano" was embedded in the signature calculation. I removed it as you suggested and put it at the end of the URL and now it's working. One other question, the downloads have succeeded, but I noticed that the "LogicMonitorSetup.exe" file sizes are the same (Medium and Nano). Just wondering if that sounds right to you. For some reason, I assumed the Nano installer would be smaller than the Medium installer, but maybe not. Thanks again.
  3. Sarah; Seems there must be something else I need to do to get that nano size collector. This URL works and gets our default collector (size medium): https://our_company.logicmonitor.com/santaba/rest/setting/collectors/30/installers/Win64 But when I add that piece: ?collectorSize=nano to the URL I get an "Unauthorized" error. Here's the URL that doesn't work: https://our_company.logicmonitor.com/santaba/rest/setting/collectors/31/installers/Win64?collectorSize=nano And the error message: HTTP Status 401 - Unauthorizedtype Status reportmessage Unauthorized
  4. Anyone know the REST API syntax for downloading a Windows (64 bit) nano size collector? The Developer's guide: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/rest-api-developers-guide/v1/collectors/downloading-a-collector-installer/ states: "Correct resource path is /setting/collectors/31/installers/Win64, NOT /setting/collectors/31/installers/Win64?collectorSize=nano" And for a Linux collector the Developer's guide provides the example: /setting/collectors/12/installers/Linux64?collectorSize=nano. But I need nano for Windows, preferably 64 bit, but I'll take what I can get. Cur