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  1. Is there a way to have a data source like Ping (Multi) and Port (multi) but instead of running the ping/port check from the collector perspective but from the target server's perspective ?
  2. Has anybody had any success in creating a device group that's populated based on what ips are in system.ips? thanks.
  3. Thanks Eric that makes sense. Also did you have any issues runnning the Set-WMINameSecurity powershell script as a scheduled task? Manuallly running the power shell commands it adds the correct wmi permission but it seems running from task schedule it doesn't do anything.
  4. I'm trying to implement this on a 2016 server and running into some issues. The logic monitor service doesn't start even though the service account is in the local distributed com users group. Putting the account into administrators group works. Event log shows that the service account doesn't have dcom permissions which is strange since it's in the group that's' supposed to give it access to DCOM. Any help would be interested.