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  1. Thanks for your feedback everyone. We will make sure to incorporate this feedback into our future major releases.
  2. @Mosh Im glad that the panic is over! Seeing a bunch of tickets flow in is always off-putting, even if it's just due to excitement! On our end, we can definitely do better at calling out which roles will have view permissions by default, and which ones will not. Im sure this knowledge itself would have saved you time. I will make sure to update the docs to reflect this change. On another note, would you expect the only role by default to be "administrator" ? Or are the current view settings of "administrator" and "manager" roles by default sufficient?
  3. @Mosh I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. This should not have been the case, and I agree, as admins you should be the ones to delegate the view permissions. Here is the current expected behavior: By default, the mapping tab in the "users" is checked. However, only users with the admin, or manager "role" should have view permissions by default. The Mapping page will no longer be visible if all Saved Maps on it are hidden, and this is the case for non admin/manager roles. And view permissions for the maps tab in the resource tree is also disabled by default for n
  4. @thanh rodke No problem! Please see this support doc for more information on how to get started https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/topology-mapping/topology-mapping-overview/
  5. @Mosh The majority of our Topology offering will be core to our platform. However, aspects of Topology, such as advanced overlays, widgets, saved maps, etc, are features that are subject to be billable items in a broader LM AI platform that we are actively working on. Stay tuned for the launch email I will be sending out soon which will contain more info on this subject. Best, Michael
  6. Hi Everyone, Im excited to announce that we are now in an active beta for Network Topology. We are anticipating a Q2 release date. For your reference, I have attached a screenshot below - I have blurred out some sensitive information. And yes, clicking on the alert icon will show you any alerts in respect to the given resource.
  7. @Phillip We are anticipating a Q2 release for Topology. And yes, you can click on the alert icon on the map to see any alerts in respect to the given resource. As for link status, we are actively looking at ways to incorporate that functionality.
  8. Hi Everyone, We are in an active beta for Topology Mapping and we will be launching to production portals soon. For your reference, please see the screenshot below - I blurred out some sensitive info and FQDNs.
  9. Hi All, I've just opened a feedback ticket in regards to this request. I will post any updates on this thread. Michael
  10. Hi @PaoX, Welcome to the community! This is a highly requested feature that the product team is aware of. HTTPS, Telnet and VNC support are all under discussion to be implemented - no hard deadlines for delivery yet. I will post any updates here. Stay Tuned! Best, Michael
  11. Update, I have created some wireframes for this feature and will continue to push for it to be in production (no set date for roll-out yet) I will continue to post updates on this thread. Michael
  12. @S P, Thanks for your feedback! As of now, the collector is still limited to running on X86 architecture. For our clients with remote locations, we often recommend compute sticks like this: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Compute-Computer-Processor-BOXSTK1AW32SC/dp/B01AZC4NHS. Let me know if you have any follow up questions. Michael
  13. @drazzopardi I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with alerts. To start, are you currently monitoring the device the collector is installed on? If so, you can filter "Host Status" on the alerts page and the collector down alerts will populate. Alternatively, you can create a dynamic group for your collectors by leveraging "isCollectorDevice()" and filtering for that on the alerts page. In terms of creating dependencies, there are currently two datasources that are mentioned on this page (below) that may be able to help. Let me know if you have any further
  14. @Mosh, Thanks for your feedback! I will investigate this feature further and post any updates on this thread. Albeit, something like this is more involved and may have a longer lead time than adding additional collector details to the debug console. Michael
  15. Hi @Mosh, Thanks for the feedback, we should be able to do this fairly easily. Michael