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  1. I have a set of gear that we're testing a SNMP v2c conversion against and I was previously running SNMP v3 against. LM does not seem to recognize the change even though I've attempted to change snmp.version to v2c and ensured that snmp.community is proper and in place. I have added a blank snmp.security entry as it is in a device group that has it defined for other hosts that still support SNMP v3. Any suggestions?
  2. These are added via CSV and harvested from another monitoring system; I've verified that I can access the services (e.g. https, snmp) from the collector, but Logicmonitor's isn't initiating an active discovery.
  3. I have a few devices that, for some reason, do not respond to ping; is there a way to bypass the Ping check to query/discover these systems?
  4. In the NOC widget, you have the ability to sort/filter by alert type but there's no option to filter out 'not alerting' entries. Please add the ability to only view things alerting because if you have a /lot/ of datapoints, it quickly crowds things massively.
  5. Tried it a few times and it looks like it doesn't update the currently populated devices.
  6. Our Logicmonitor install had a good number of devices added without PTR records and are all being identified with IP addresses. We've since fixed the reverses but doing data entry for >300 devices seems a bit silly. Is there a way to initiate a rename-by-reverse similar to the way NetScan is able to for devices already tracked?
  7. That works like a champ, one caveat though is that it does not factor in inherited system.categories but that is to be expected. Thank you again!
  8. Gah, I typo'd in my post; s/category/categories/
  9. I'm doing a moderately large new install of logicmonitor in multiple datacenters and found that if I come across a system that's being firewalled or blocked in general, it has a null system.category. I've been fiddling with using Dynamic Groups and have hit on a problem where I can't actually determine if system.category is null. I've tried hasCategory(""), system.category =~ "" , system.category !~ "*", and join(system.category,",") =~ "" Any guidance would be appreciated.