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  1. Hi Antony Finally got my hands on this. Looking good!! Thanks for the efforts and letting me know about it David
  2. Quite new to creating DataSources, but these are a reasonable starting point for anyone with Huawei Access Controllers WFFGFN - Access Controller CPU Used Percent Memory Free Percent Memory Used Percent Memory Free in Megabytes Memory Used in Megabytes HPAF9X - Access Points Status codes – Instance Graph AP alert - (If Status code = 8(normal) or 11(standby), return 1, is anything else return 0) – Instance Graph- Alert on 0 Client count per AP – Instance Graph Client count Top AP – Overview Graph Client count aggregate for whole controller – Overview Graph Discovered Property - Mac address Discovered Property - Serial Number Discovered Property - Model Number G627K2 – Access Point Radios Working channel – Instance Graph Client count per radio – Instance Graph Channel utilisation – Instance Graph Radio status – Instance Graph- Alert on 2(Down) Radio throughput in Mbps – Instance Graph Top Radio Throughput – Overview Graph Radio Work Mode
  3. Hi @Michael Fisher It is more the case when the collector becomes unavailable to report back to LogicMonitor. So if the collector cannot report if something is up or down, it would be clearer to alert only on that the collector or collector group was disconnected rather than showing every device on the network going down as it isn't actually accurate in the majority of cases. I would have thought this would be achievable as you would have the collector alert first and from what I understand the host status alert 6 minutes later. I appreciate the dependencies or Parent/Child suggestion, however, I see that has its own strengths for a working branch office monitored scenario where the gateway goes down and we suppress everything sitting behind it. David
  4. Hi I am having a frustrating experience when I have tried to make LM redundant using multiple collectors, but then I am at the mercy of the customers internet connection so when the collectors go down, I then get a couple of thousand host status events rather than a number of critical collector alerts making it very hard to see the wood for the trees in the UI alerts page as I cannot just filter out host status alerts as I could have more from other customers. Am I missing something? Do others have a decent scalable workaround? Has this been raised as a feature request before? and if so is there a reason its not materialised? Thanks in advance David