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  1. krutaw

    SOLR Collection Satus (non-JMX)

    Exactly the example that I needed to figure out the output required for a batchscript. Thanks!
  2. krutaw

    Solr Collection Statistics (non-JMX)

    Still requires security review.
  3. Yeah, I think I'm gonna bring it up with my account executive the next time we meet (which should be next week so there's that.) It seems like the custom properties might be a good addition to what I'm already doing. Thanks for reminding me of that.
  4. While looking through the configuration of alert templates, I see that the various types of alerts and that each can have a customized template defined. While that's great, it would be even better if a custom template could be defined on a per device / datasource/ eventsource/ etc. basis to allow for better communication with the folks getting the alerts.
  5. krutaw

    Include Graphs in alert messages

    Any chance this is coming in a upcoming release?
  6. krutaw

    SDT Report

    Do you mean within the web GUI? This functionality exists in the API:
  7. krutaw

    APM monitoring

    While monitoring of websites from pre-defined LogicMonitor servers does provide a good bit of insight, it doesn't really give the full flavor of what end users are experiencing along with insight as to performance issues with specific browsers and versions. What I'd love to see from LogicMonitor is extension of functionality to include APM collection of metrics from the end user's browser itself (this is accomplished using cookies by other monitoring suites.) Further, the metrics should be used to calculate the Apdex ( score for the health of the site.