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  1. Any way SecureScore can be viewed?
  2. Na looking for more than that..this only gives someone RDP'ed into a server ..I am looking for users using RDS Gateway services
  3. Hi All, We are monitoring a server running RDS Gateway manager (2016) . the client would like to see user stats / logon times /durations etc . I have this in as a feature request but LogicMonitor just doe not see the role I guess..Was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this ?
  4. Hi Guys, Agree with Jonny It would appear there has been little or no uplift in ESXi/ VMware monitoring vCenter health for example now very important in the vSAN world
  5. Agreed there would be noise just need to have something for VSAN ... tks
  6. I would like the ability to have all of the VSAN out of the box alarms associated in vCenter
  7. Is there a plan to add the monitors/alerts for VSAN?