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  1. Nicklas Karlsson

    DFSR Replication Backlog

    I used the old one and it does'nt work, can't find any instances on the DFSR replica partners. Are there any update to this DS??
  2. Nicklas Karlsson

    Office365 Monitoring

    I missed one out For checking the AAD Connect sync for objects TL494K
  3. Nicklas Karlsson

    Office365 Monitoring

    The last DS also monitor guests invited to the Azure AD, it's strongly recommended if you're inviting persons outside the organization and interact with them through teams och SharePoint Sites
  4. Nicklas Karlsson

    Office365 Monitoring

    Hi everybody! I've been using Mike Sudings monitoring solution for a while and i've expanded it a bit to monitor more solutions in Office365. The Monitors included Custom Domains (quantity) WHEKJJ Deleted Users (quantity) ZHADY9 Global Admins (quantity) 7GGZWZ Licenses Assignable ((quantity) based on type) R46EGX Licenses Assigned (quantity) based on type GHRNLL Licensed / Unlicesned Users (quantity) 4PJZJ4 MFA Users (quantity of enabled/disabled users) WZFAWK Users and devices in Office365 Tenant (quantity) Devices if clients are joined to Azure AD PLMP22 Hope they are helping the community out
  5. Nicklas Karlsson

    Microsoft Teams

    Hi All! I've tested this and it works. No reply options yet, but it's a start Create a channel for webhooks in Teams copy that adress and use it in your Integration ( I copied a Slack integration) And I've used the following JSON formatting { "@type": "MessageCard", "@context": "", "themeColor": "ff0000", "title": "Company - LM Webhook Test", "text":"Alerts!", "sections": [{ "activityTitle": "Action Required!", "activitySubtitle": "Here are the details", "Facts": [{ "name": "Host:", "value": "##HOST##" }, { "name": "Datasource", "value": "##DATASOURCE##" }, { "name": "Displayname:", "value": "##system.displayname##" }, { "name": "InstanceGroup:", "value": "##INSTANCEGROUP##" }, { "name": "Datapoint:", "value": "##DATAPOINT##" }, { "name": "Datapoint Description:", "value": "##DPDESCRIPTION##" }, { "name": "Level:", "value": "##LEVEL##" }, { "name": "Start:", "value": "##START##" }, { "name": "Duration:", "value": "##DURATION##" }, { "name": "Value:", "value": "##VALUE##" }, { "name": "Threshold:", "value": "##THRESHOLD##" }, { "name": "ClearValue:", "value": "##CLEARVALUE##" }, { "name": "Reason:", "value": "##DATAPOINT## ##THRESHOLD##" }, { "name": "Group:", "value": "##GROUP##" }], "markdown": true }] }
  6. Nicklas Karlsson

    Microsoft Teams

    I would really like to take a look at the documentation... Can't figure it out to work for me. so if you guys have a solution I will be glad to get the help I can to solve this
  7. Is it possible to use other rest api motors like Restlet client (add in to chrome) and perform a clean request. in Postman You have a pre-request script in your environment for every request. WHy I'm wondering is that I want to Use Power BI to collect data from LM toll gather information from different system to show an central space for all systems we have.
  8. Nicklas Karlsson

    Microsoft Teams

    Great!! We're all in to Microsoft Teams, and this will be a great feature
  9. Nicklas Karlsson

    WIndows DHCP with Kerberos

    Hi, Maybe the community are intressted in using collectors as stand-alone outside a domain (in a workgroup).. We are and have ran into all possible effects of it... one thing is to monitor Windows DHCP Servers that ar joined to a domain. THen you need to authenticate against some classes to discover and to get metrics. Had some chat sessions with the LM support and they got me closer to the solution.. But I solved it finally using credentials to discover and inventory the DHCP server and Scopes with powershell using domain credentials on my collector in a workgroup Here they Are Microsoft DHCP Scopes: 6R7ZKC Microsoft DHCP Server: Z2JTFN Enjoy!!