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  1. PW-MrFreeze

    Integrations to Hangouts Chat

    Bot or webhooks would work for me.
  2. PW-MrFreeze

    Integrations to Hangouts Chat

    With Google migrating all of their enterprise chat clients to Hangouts Chat it would be great to have a native integration / bot for Google Hangouts Chat.
  3. PW-MrFreeze

    Cisco Firepower data source

    Add me to the list of those highly interested. Running 4 Firepowers currently.
  4. A feature that would make a huge impact on our NOC screens would be if we could have slides that are hidden and only activated if a certain threshold is met. Maybe call them Alert slides. Then the slide(s) would cause all of the other slides to pause and only cycle through the designated "Alert" slides. Here is an example scenario of how this could be used: Slides are going through "Network Overviews" A link between building A and building B breaks Alert slide pops-up and displays a pre-made widget for that interface in red. All other slides stop. If another Alert occurs at the same time it would then just do a slideshow between the Alert slides and keep all of the other overview slides in a stop mode.
  5. PW-MrFreeze

    Clone Users and Roles

    It would be great if we had the option to clone users or roles. This would be especially beneficial when you are creating a new user or role that is the same or similar to one you have already created.
  6. PW-MrFreeze

    Font Size

    I know this is old, but I concur with this request. We are trying to set this up on our NOC screens the text looks like this.
  7. PW-MrFreeze

    Sharing Dashboard views

    Thanks a ton! I've been manipulating these for our environment. I've begun making a bunch of modifications so they will display nicely on a couple NOC screens.