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  1. Would be very nice if you had a datasource or sources that could be use to determine that OpenLDAP replication is working.
  2. Alerts are triggered when some datapoint meets a condition. If you want the alert triggered when some datapoint meets a condition for a specific period of time, you have to implement a hack whereby you create a new data point (clone) and set the trigger after N times property. The problem with this solution (or in my opinion, work around for a solution) is that the polling interval changes the way the alert works. It also means I have to create copies of data sources which are, in essence, the same - so managing my hosts becomes more difficult as now I\'ll have different data sources getting the same data for different hosts. It\'s also not a breeze to set up. If I had to do this for more than a few data sources, I\'d find it discouraging.