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  1. The data which are collected from various devices by the Collectors are visible in the UI from 'Raw Data' section as Key & Value. I would like to how do these data are stored in the backend of LogicMonitor. When I checked in documents I could see Is it something like stored with indexers or its just saved in a log files or any other way?
  2. I was just checking the documents of LogicMonitor to know, whether there is any option to send the Data values of any of the Data points from LogicMonitor to any other tools/applications. I got the below link, where we can use the 'curl' command to fetch the data from any of the datapoints (Not sure whether this can be forwarded to any) I would like to know whether there is any option to forward the data from LM to other applications. Or is it possible to use this Curl command in any of the scripts, whic
  3. Hi @Kerry DeVilbiss, Do you have any idea on this.
  4. When I go through the documents regarding Alerts, I understood that the threshold for a particular Metric/Datapoint can be set in the Datasource itself. I have made an example alert and got an clear idea about the concept. I have a doubt whether can we create an alert for a widget. For example, I have a Gauge widget and represented CPU percentage over there. So how can I set my alert only to that particular widget if my CPU percentage crosses 60% or 90%.
  5. Sure, Thanks for your response
  6. Hi @Kerry, I have one more doubt in this. Actually Gauge Widget, represents only the current period of data (not like other Widgets which can display 1 hour or 24 hour or x no. of days/months). So lets consider that I have a Datapoint with a single instance and I am selecting any of the options from 'Data Series'. How does it affect my current data? It could be Average, Minimum or Maximum function but how it is calculated upon my current data. If Gauge is displaying some 1 hour or 24 hours or any time range of data and selecting Data Series feature will definitely make sense. If it i
  7. Hi @Kerry, Thanks for your response. I have already gone through all of the above links. All those tells me How to enable the option 'Forecasting', some basic FAQs only. Of course the link What is forecasting? telling me what does forecasting mean but it is just mentioned as some algorithm is used and with the help of that the future data is predicted as per the old data. But no where I can find the elaborated procedure of how the forecasting is really calculated, what does the Algorithm gives in common and how does the combination of Algorithm with the old data gives the future
  8. Hi, I am very new to this topic "Forecasting". Recently when I go through Table Widget, I have noticed a feature called Forecasting and which contain two options to choose the method of providing Forecasting Reports. Further researching on this, I come to know that the Forecasting is done based on some algorithms from the LogicMonitor Documents. But it was not clear that how the Forecasting is made based on the Algorithm, what does that Algorithm depicts, how does the couple of forecasting options work and how confident the predicted data would be. I would like to know all these
  9. In the Gauge Widget, there are a couple of configuration options called 'Data Series' and 'Aggregate function'. Both have same set of operations as Max, Min, Average. What does both configuration options mean for, how does it differ and in which kind of situation, it is helpful by using these options. Could anyone please help me on this.
  10. I have a metric which gives me the Disk size of my data system. I would like to know the value of Size growth of the data system for each month in percentage. For eg: During June month it is 4 GB and during July it may be 4.5 GB. So 0.5 GB has been increased for this month. I need that data to be find and display as growth percentage. Is it possible to make use of Virtual datapoint in this case? Can I get any suggestions to achieve this please.
  11. Do we have the same aggregate function for other types of Widgets also? I have 5 each prod and test servers (like prod1 - prod5; test1 - test5) and I want to display the cumulative of CPU Utilization from all these 5 servers respectively in Table Widget. I was searching for the Aggregate function option but I dint find it. Can anyone please help me on this case
  12. Recently I was going through about NOC Widgets, I understood it is useful to showcase the status of a particular device or a device group or a datasource, etc., But nowhere I find what that NOC expands for. Can anybody help me on this