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  1. I have a graph widget, which shows the trend of CPU usage for last 24 hours. At the bottom of the graph, I can see the aggregate values like, min, max and average which is calculated for the whole time period selected. Please refer the highlighted part in the attached screenshot. I need those aggregation values of each panel in the dashboard, to be send to email on daily basis. I guess I can get this with the help of option called `Report`. I have gone through the LM document which explains about creating Report on LogicMonitor. But I am not sure that is the way to do. Could anyone please let me know if there is any other way to go this.
  2. Archana

    How to calculate IOPS in my dashboard

    Could anyone please help me on this?
  3. I have the data regarding number of reads and number of writes happened in the disk for every 2 minutes. I would like to calculate the IOPS out of this data. Could anyone please suggest me some idea to achieve this.
  4. Below link contains the expressions which can be used in defining the Virtual Datapoints This site has the format how to use the arithmetic operators also. I found the expression for the addition is "x+y". I assumed 'x' is the 1st datapoint and 'y' is the 2nd datapoint. So used my datapoints in the same way. But I have not got any results for the expression, only the error message saying "Invalid virtual datapoint expression". Could anyone please help me on this?
  5. Hi, I have 3 datapoints added in my widget. I want the cumulative value of those 3 data points, so that I can display it as a single value on my graph Widget. I am trying to do the addition as Datapoint1+Datapoint2+Datapoint3. But my graph representation is showing the error as "Invalid virtual datapoint expression". Not sure what is the problem here. Could anyone please help me to add all the required datapoints and display it as a single value on graph.
  6. Hi @Michael Rodrigues, Thanks for your response. Here I am trying to view the data trend only for a particular month. Also data which are stored in our LogicMonitor is for once in every 2 minutes. So in this case what is the best option to choose to display the trend of whole month data in a graph format
  7. Hi @Michael Rodrigues, Thank you so much for your response. Yeah now I can see the values which I really need. The answer is really helpful.
  8. While using the Custom Graph Widget, I noticed that there are two options available under Widget customization. They are "Use VaST" and "Use Visual Average". I have gone through the use of both the options in Logicmonitor Documents. I want to display one month trend of my CPU utilisation as it is, without any consolidation/aggregation function. I would like to know which is the best option to choose between two to display the data values as it is in the Graph Widget. Could anyone please help me on this?
  9. Can anyone please provide your suggestions on this? I am unable to proceed further on this. Please help
  10. Hi, You have tried with Graph representation. That is even working for me without any issues. I can get the average value of my CPU in a graph format for every 'x' span of time. But my requirement is I need the cumulative average value of my CPU for a whole month (something like average of all the CPU values for the whole month in one single value). I am aware that, to display one single value, we have the widget called 'Big Number'. But the problem is when I select the time period as per my requirement, there is no impact in the data values displayed over the Widget. Not sure how to achieve this and not aware which period of data the Big Number Widget consider and present us. Any idea on this please?
  11. Hi, I am trying to collect the average/max value of a field or metric only for a particular time range which we choose. I am unaware through which kind of Widget I can show the average/max value of a particular time period as a single value. I tried using Gauge & Big Number Widget to show my single average value for a specific time period. But the problems are as follows: 1. Big Number Widget - will show only the single value but it does not have any type of aggregation function (Min, max, avg) 2. Gauge widget - Contains Aggregation function to select. But not sure whether it is aggregating the field values according to the time range we select. Because everytime when the Dashboard/Widget is refreshed according to the Refresh Frequency, it is showing different values. For example, if I select the time range from March 1st to March 31st, then aggregate values should be same as it is not the real-time occurence. I tried with Graph Widget (refer the attached screenshot Avg_metric_CPU), it is providing me the proper values of that time. But I need the data to be shown as single average value, monthly-wise. Could anyone please help me on this.
  12. Archana

    How does data are stored in Logicmonitor

    Hi Michael, Thankyou for the response. Link which you have shared is very useful
  13. Archana

    How does data are stored in Logicmonitor

    @Sarah Terry, Do you have any idea about this? Could you please help me on this?
  14. Hi @Sarah Terry, Thankyou.