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  1. This isn't a question but I didn't see anybody else post this. One thing we've noticed in our environment is that when a Gbic starts to go bad CRC errors start incrementing on a port. Currently LM doesn't monitor for CRC errors, that we could find. In order for this to work you have to go to the sub interface in config mode and turn on rmon statistics. Then you get OID where X is for CRC errors and Y is the number you assigned as the process ID. For example on an HPE 5130 [HP5130-Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/51]rmon statistics 1 owner LM Gives you OID There are a lot of statics, for example the Y value of 3 gives you drops, the Y value of 5 gives you packets. <HP5930>dis rmon statistics EtherStatsEntry 1 owned by LM is VALID. Interface : Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/51<ifIndex.12> etherStatsOctets : 1943607812, etherStatsPkts : 1369904813 etherStatsBroadcastPkts : 45523087 , etherStatsMulticastPkts : 97537116 etherStatsUndersizePkts : 0 , etherStatsOversizePkts : 0 etherStatsFragments : 0 , etherStatsJabbers : 0 etherStatsCRCAlignErrors : 0 , etherStatsCollisions : 0 etherStatsDropEvents (insufficient resources): 0 Incoming packets by size: 64 : 1917342 , 65-127 : 853770762 , 128-255 : 724653502 256-511: 178898662 , 512-1023: 107338128 , 1024-1518: 1995791637 So far we've found this process and OID to also work on Cisco switches. I hope this helps others.
  2. We have two Cisco 8540 wireless controllers. We are trying to monitor our access points but half of them are always down. Since both controllers know about all the access points the ones not associated to that controller at that time appear as down. Has anyone been successful in only getting alerts for truly down APs?