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  1. Any idea how long until this gets approved? Waiting for TL494K in particular and its been a month now
  2. This request doesn't appear to fit the other 2 I found so... Right now I have 3 (soon 4) host servers in a Hyper-V cluster called "hvcluster". I get 3 alerts for each cluster shared volume and each guest VM not running. Other vendors products I use are capable of only displaying a single instanced alert for "the cluster" and I'm hoping you guys can implement this as well. Right now these are driving me nuts especially when we have several guest servers off on purpose for extended to forever periods of time. No SDT doesn't work it still shows them. Right now to only get 1 alert I have to leave 1 host server as the alerting server and then manually edit the alerts for every host server I don't want alerting to disable them. I have to do this every time I add a new guest or CSV and it is super annoying. Let me know if you need more details.