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  1. I have come across this issue a few times now, and feel it's worth bringing up. A major roadblock to making our integrations (with major platforms like ConnectWise) work the way we want them to is the limitation of only being able to make a single API request per event/status change/etc. One example - we want to be able to insert the "Acknowledged" notes when an alert (or several) are ack'ed in LogicMonitor as a service note to the corresponding tickets in ConnectWise AND update the status of the ConnectWise ticket to 'In progress'. That requires 2 API calls: one (which is the default f
  2. As a precise example as to why this would be a useful feature: vCenter alarms SNMP trap notifications. At least in my experience these are sent from vCenter as v1 traps but all the juicy information is in the trap variable bindings. Here's a trap sent from a CPU Usage Alarm: Green Red alarm.VmCPUUsageAlarm - Metric CPU Usage = 100% SERVER-1 3 enterpriseOid: generalCode: 6 snmpVersion: v1 specificCode: 20