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  1. Hey Aaron. We have about 50 Tegile arrays in our system and we are gathering SNMP information off of them. Dumb question - but is SNMP enabled on the Tegile side? Also check your SNMP community string....the Tegile can't have special characters.
  2. Good afternoon all! Does anyone know of a way to send a notification when a SSH session is started to a Cisco switch? Ideally the notification would be limited to a particular when user X connects a notification is sent. Thanks! Jeff
  3. Just as a follow up. I opened a TAC case and the OIDs I am using are correct for both the ASA and FPR devices. So....not sure why this isn't working in my environment.
  4. I'm going to check out the version we are on. In our sandbox we have 1 FPPR, but in our prod system we have 15-20.....I'm assuming that the versions are spread out but going to do some investigating. Thanks again Matt and Stuart!
  5. Attached some screenshots. I have pulled this into my prod and sandbox environment and same result.
  6. That's just it....I see that the appliesto is working, SNMP is now polling correctly, but on the FP devices I'm not seeing the new "Cisco" datasource under the devices....but I do on the ASAs.
  7. Thank you Matt and Stuart. Unfortunately even after setting the displayName in the appliesto isn't working. I'm having one of the guys take a look as i just noticed that NetFlow is working but we aren't getting any SNMP info...
  8. I've uploaded but it doesn't seem to be working for any of the 2100 or 4100 series devices in my system. I'm still playing with it a little. I did have to change your appliesto to hasCategory("CiscoFirepowerSNMP"). None of my devices have CiscoFirepower as a category.
  9. Thank you Matt. I'm confused about where to actually change the OID's that you posted. Are you changing on the datasource and then under parameters? Or somewhere else? Basically i changed what it was in that location to and applied to a FTD but it didn't seem to work. I'm not sure that i did incorrectly.
  10. Awesome and thank you, it's working great for my ASAs in the system. Anyone have one to monitor the same thing on the Cisco FPR devices?
  11. Hello All, I'm trying to see if anyone is successfully monitoring SilverPeak devices? I've got a number of them in my system and I'm monitoring from an up/down standpoint...but would really like to see other information pertaining to tunnels and etc. I'm looking at creating a datasource...but I'm relatively new to LM. Thanks in advance, appreciate any info. Jeff