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  1. Curious if anyone is leveraging LM for first line Ransomware detection. Reading indicators typically include a high number of file name changes on the server/PC. Seems like that would be something that LM could help us identify early on and alert out to take action before additional servers are compromised. Looks like a working number is about 4 renames a second for the threshold. Thanks, Mitch
  2. Hello, We would like to see you add a weather layer to the maps widget. The main reason for the request is to see if any weather systems could be impacting our customers remote sites. 1. If a circuit is down, could it be due to weather in the area? This will help us better react and provide customers direction when dealing with carriers. 2. Monitor popular DC/COLO areas of the US, are there any weather systems in the area which could be impacting service? Thanks, Mitch
  3. This is pretty cool, I was able to get it working with the DataSource library out on Exchange. Has anyone tried any of the other APIs with I've been trying to get alerts ( pulled in via an EventSource figuring the data coming over will be more of a text format rather than numbers...but haven't had much luck. -Mitch