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  1. For many cases, we have none-numeric datapoints. It could be strings, or even json formatted strings. Need to have this type of datapoint supported
  2. Actually. with "\&", it works. Thansk
  3. No, it doesn't work. The "fields=name,id" part seems not taken. The "&" sign seems acting as "put into background on MAC".
  4. I am trying to use two properties in REST API call ( size and fields). Following doesn't work. Coi;d someone help on the syntax? Thanks, Ye curl -u USER:PASSWORD,id
  5. Can you please provide an example? Thanks
  6. Hi, We need to delete massive websites monitors. All of them were not created in any folder. All of them (name) start with letter "QC". How can I delete them w/o have to go to "Manage"? Manual delete through "Manage" tab really inefficient to handle such big amount of items. Thanks, Ye
  7. Currently, when I need to assign/modify checkpoint for the services under a folder, I need to do it manually for each service. This is a long manual process when we have a long list of services monitors. Checked with LM tech support, and was informed assign through folder is not supported currently.