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  1. Monitor Firewall State

    Hi Kerry, This worked great! I have tested it and it works like a charm. I really appreciate this! The only warning I have for anyone is that once you import it then it will apply to all Windows servers and since this monitors if the firewall is off and alerts if the firewall is on then be prepared to change isWindows() to False() really quick, otherwise it blows up your alert list.
  2. Monitor Firewall State

    I have a client that has several servers that are part of an application group. Windows firewall has to be turned off on all the machines. Is there a way to monitor Windows Firewall to alert if the firewall is on for Private or Public?
  3. Export Netflow from Windows Server to LogicMonitor

    That is what it was, the IP has to be put in not localhost. Thank you!
  4. Export Netflow from Windows Server to LogicMonitor

    Are there any trouble shooting steps? I have installed both Winpcap and confirmed it is running and getting traffic by using the winpcapdump. The Server has LogicMonitor installed on it so the Flow Exporter is pointing to local host port 2055 (default I think) and the collector is set to get netflow data, but no data is showing in the Traffic tab. Is there something else I can look at? Also I did change the config file to use nf5 and not nf9. I've also tried to change localhost in the file to the IP of the interface.
  5. Time Offset

    I have a quick question. The current time offset Datasource compares the time to the Collector. The issue I have is that for a client we monitor they have a LogicMonitor collector on every server (they are WORKGROUP not Domain joined). So the time offset just compares the time to itself. Is there a way to compare the time an NTP server or another way? Just trying to think outside of the box here.
  6. Windows Services Check

    I have found where I can monitor services for a device and have set up a test to monitor services on the windows device. Is there a way to set this as a datasource? That way I can do the AppliesTo scripting and have specific devices being monitored for specific services they are running? I have about 80 devices and configuring Service Alerts for each of them would take a bit of time, I'm trying to be more efficient.
  7. Windows Services Check

    I am fairly new to LogicMonitor I was able to import the PropertySource and in the appliesTo: field I am able to apply it to the servers I need. I am a little lost on where I would apply the auto.winservices =~ "WindowsService1|WindowsService2|etc" Then where would the alert tuning come in to only alert when specific services are not running, or in another case to alert if a service is running.
  8. ns_lookup

    Is it possible to get the IP of an URL using ns_lookup and compare it to another IP to make sure they match and then alert if they don't?
  9. Linux collector, system in Minimal Monitoring

    Found the resolution to be that the host machine also needs to be running SNMP.
  10. I have installed a Linux collector on an Ubuntu system that is in minimal monitoring. This same collector is using snmp that was installed and running on another linux system. It seems the collector is getting all the information on the remote machine using snmp but not for the host machine. Is there any other configuration that needs to be done on the machine running the collector? Seems weird that the collector won't get all the information from the machine it is installed on, but can get all the information from another system running snmp.
  11. Log Files

    I have successfully created an alert for a log file. My question is, How do I monitor the log file regardless of drive letter? I monitor the same log file on several servers but on some of the servers the log is under Drive E: and others it is Drive D:. Thank you
  12. Web Services Check

    Using the developer tools in Chrome, under the security tab it states the site is being connected through TLS 1.2, though it does state it is using an obsolete cipher. Could this be the issue?
  13. Web Services Check

    I am trying to set up a check using the Web Services Check. When I point the service check to the domain it gives me a message saying "Cannot establish connection due to SSL issue encountered." Any idea how to resolve this? I get it on 2 of the subdomains I am trying to test. Pings work just fine.
  14. Web Services Check

    I did a quick test with the and I do show that Java 8 is using TLS 1.2. I will use the developer tools to look for how the default connection is being established.
  15. Log Files

    It is a log file collector. I'm currently using an absolute path in the Logfile Path section, but was wondering if I could use wildcards since the logfile could be on drive E: or drive D:.
  16. Can't clear Alert

    I am receiving an alert on a server I monitor. The alert is for System Uptime the Instance is WinSystemUptime and the Datapoint is SystemUpTime. When I research this it seems the collector does not has access or credentials to get the data. I went through the troubleshooting guide, made sure the required services were running, then checked connection using WBEMTEST. The service is set to local system. I even tried to set it as the local admin account and this did not work. I checked the configuration of a collector on the same subnet and it has the same settings, not sure what the issue could be.