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  1. Hi Team, I have a couple of collectors that are showing No Data for SQL Server. Now the SQL servers do not get used a lot as they are in a test environment, would that cause the collector to say "No Data" on all metrics? I have checked and I do not see "No Data" on other item such as CPU or memory which leads me to believe it is not a WMI issue as I have found in the past. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Team, I have a server that is triggering an alert for FileServer instance with the datapoint of ErrorsLogon. I checked the Event Log and there is no events for failed logins. The WMI Query is SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfRawData_PerfNet_Server. Anyone have any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? Has anyone else experienced this issue? It is only 1 server, no others are having this issue. As I stated in Event Viewer there is no failed login attempts. This triggers several times a day. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Team, We are running a webcheck on an internal support server running Kayako. When we run a Web Check it is keeping the session open and not closing it. How do we force LogicMonitor to close the connection once it gets an OK from the Web Server?
  4. Hi Team, Is there a LM report that would give the amount of traffic or throughput that goes through the NIC? I know there is an interface report but I have a client that wants to know how much traffic their servers have had.
  5. @Mike Moniz Thank you! This fixed it for the 2 VM's that were not reporting all data. I appreciate your help and insight.
  6. Hi Team, I am running into an interesting problem. I have a few stats on a VM not showing properly in LM (says no data) I went through all of the steps for the WMI troubleshooting process and this did not fix it. I then ran some additional tests. on this particular server I was getting the Access Denied and I followed the steps provided in the troubleshooting guide I had to do both DCOM and WMI (through computer management) I had to do this with 2 out of 6 servers and the other 4 servers are working just fine. So after fixing the Access Denied messages I am able to do some queries but not others. I do have a user and pass that is local to the machine and is in the admin group but it cannot query select * from Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_System with the logicmonitor user but I can do the query with the administrator user. I checked DCOM and WMI permissions and they are the same, so I am not sure why the logicmonitor user is not able to run this query but the administrator user can. I ran the test using the wbemtest remotely from the server that has the LM collector. Any ideas what else I should look at?
  7. Yes, when I do Poll Now it spins for a while then say's it Pol Now Timeout. Poll Now does work for other DataSources.
  8. Hello, We had an unexpected event in an environment of ours where it seems the hosts for the VM's was restarted which unexpectedly restarted the VM's. We have gotten VM's back online but now we are getting several alerts for SQL Transactions showing No Data. The SQL services are running and the SQL DB is working fine it seems. Any idea what else could cause this error or issue? A rebbot has been done at well to try and resolve the issue.
  9. Hey @Kerry DeVilbiss I went through and added the username and pass to the wmi.user and wmi.pass and this fixed a lot of them. I still have about 16 servers out of 112 that the script is applied to that are not working. I am getting 3 different errors when I test the script on the servers they need to be applied too. On 6 of them I get the message that No instances would be discovered. On 4 of them I get an error that it Failed to execute because there are no logon servers, all servers are in a workgroup none of the servers are domain joined. 6 of them get an error saying Failed to execute Kerberos cannot be used if not joined to a domain, as I stated above all 112 servers are not joined to a domain, so I do not know why I get this error with some but not others.
  10. The issue I am having now is that after I run active discovery this Datasource is not applied to all of the Servers. There will be 1 server out of a group of five that is will not apply too. Any idea how I should go about troubleshooting that?
  11. Hello, I am trying to do a web check and when I look at the content type it says, Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundaryKwY0SosqsL9Bplaf. I am trying to log in to the web application in a second step to make sure that the web page loads but that it can also be logged into. On another one I was doing the content type was, Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8, and this was I was able to get configured correctly. What type of steps do I need for the multipart/form-data Content-Type? Thank you in advance!
  12. Hi Kerry, This worked great! I have tested it and it works like a charm. I really appreciate this! The only warning I have for anyone is that once you import it then it will apply to all Windows servers and since this monitors if the firewall is off and alerts if the firewall is on then be prepared to change isWindows() to False() really quick, otherwise it blows up your alert list.
  13. I have a client that has several servers that are part of an application group. Windows firewall has to be turned off on all the machines. Is there a way to monitor Windows Firewall to alert if the firewall is on for Private or Public?
  14. That is what it was, the IP has to be put in not localhost. Thank you!
  15. Are there any trouble shooting steps? I have installed both Winpcap and confirmed it is running and getting traffic by using the winpcapdump. The Server has LogicMonitor installed on it so the Flow Exporter is pointing to local host port 2055 (default I think) and the collector is set to get netflow data, but no data is showing in the Traffic tab. Is there something else I can look at? Also I did change the config file to use nf5 and not nf9. I've also tried to change localhost in the file to the IP of the interface.