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  1. Is there a way so we can wait a longer period of time (such as 6min) before the idleInterval sends an alert? I know LM warns about making changes to that alert. Thanks Jason
  2. Ok I am getting "POST1553787894612[object Object]/sdt/sdts" Here is my script: // Get API credentials from environment variables var api_id = pm.environment.get('api_id'); var api_key = pm.environment.get('api_key'); // Get the HTTP method from the request var http_verb = request.method; // Extract the resource path from the request URL var resource_path = request.url.replace(/(^{{url}})([^\?]+)(\?.*)?/, '$2'); // Get the current time in epoch format var epoch = (new Date()).getTime(); // If the request includes a payload, included it in the request variables var request_vars = (
  3. I got this to work with a GET however I get an authorization failed when doing a post, the api user I am using is a full admin
  4. I am seeing this error when trying to create the application: I tried add an application manually and it was saying I needed Azure AD premium. Could this be a reason this is not working?
  5. Hey Kerry this is cool, can you share how you put together the DataSource for OpenWeatherMap? Thanks
  6. You are correct, sorry about that will fix the article
  7. I built an integration between LogicMonitor and ServiceDesk Plus, thought I would share it with you Building Integration between LogicMonitor and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Integration between LogicMonitor and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP is not a pre-built integration, the following will instruct you on building this integration. This integration will be a basic integration and will do the following things 1. Create a new ticket when an alert is kicked off 2. When an alert is acknowledged a note will be placed in the ticket
  8. Thanks, got this to work. I love it. I added it to the Exchange: 6FXRA4