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  1. @Stuart Weenig Thank you very much for clarifying this and for the quick response! I didn't realize it was already a datasource being collected.
  2. Hi, We have a Windows server that has the the Remote Desktop Gateway role to allow users to RDP into. Does anyone know of anyway to monitor the active users count connected to this via LogicMonitor? Currently, we are just monitoring the Remote Desktop Gateway service to determine if it is running. Thanks, Miguel
  3. Correct! That's the incentive of monitoring it the way @Mike Moniz mentioned.
  4. You can monitor Meraki Devices individually by adding each device and using the Interface VLAN IP for each site on the MX. The interface needs to be available by the LogicMonitor Collector which is most likely the case if the remote sites are connected back to HQ via VPN. This is assuming your LogicMonitor Collector is located at HQ. Meraki MX > Security & SD-WAN > Addressing & VLANS > Use either Management or Data Interface VLAN IP If you use templating on the Meraki Portal, make sure your MX template has a configuration for SNMP Users. So navigate to the Meraki MX