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  1. Hello, We currently use a third party (OpsGenie) for alerting, and currently we have a custom integration configured in LogicMonitor to send alert information to OpsGenie. Although there has been significant improvements to integrations over the past few months, one feature that lacks significantly for us is a supported two way integration between OpsGenie and LogicMonitor. This would be very similar to the partnership/integration that LogicMonitor has already built with PagerDuty. As LogicMonitor releases new integration features, it tends to break current workflows with alert creation in OpsGenie. A supported integration would give us more confidence that as LogicMonitor continues to release new features, that our alert functionality would continue to operate as expected.
  2. Hey All, Wondering if anyone here has had any experience monitoring hosts with docker containers? We're just starting to monitor some of our CoreOS hosts. SNMP is executing within a docker container on the host, and is mapping the physical /dev/sda disk to several file system mount points. For example (/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts). Unfortunately this is not accurate, and I'm not sure why it mounts or detects those files as disks. It does accurately represent how much disk is being used, but I don't really need 5 'disks' reporting back the same data. Anyone have some ideas or thoughts on how I can get this cleaned up for just our CoreOS docker environment? Thanks!
  3. The problem we are experiencing is that while using an iPhone, if you get a call from a LogicMonitor alert, and get a call from an additional alert while on the first call, you are unable to use the keypad, thus, unable to acknowledge or schedule down the alert. The request we have is to delay any phone calls going out to the same escalation chain. This would allow time to receive the call, and acknowledge/schedule down any alerts before receiving the next call.
  4. Currently only global \'Manage services\' option. Would like granular option similar to host groups for service folders.