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  1. I'm afraid I'm quite new at this. Could you expound on that Mosh?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to find ideas, scripts, processes for a function our customer approached us with. In short, they want LM to place a call once per hour to the Interactive Voice Response application to ensure the IVR system answers the call, prompts are being displayed, and host database connection is established. My only is guess is to somehow create a Datasource that runs a script to interact with an API that somehow makes a phone call and then displays information as a result. I would like to know if this already part of LM or would need to be heavily developed in-house or is even remotely possible to implement. If you have had any success with this type of monitoring, I'd appreciate your insight. Thanks much
  3. Troy, You mentioned "turning off Status and Status Flap monitoring for that Instance Group". Do you mean doing a blanket Disable Alerting on the instance group or is there a more targeted way to only choose Status and Status Flap to not be monitored? Perhaps a setting in the Interface datasource itself? Thanks,