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  1. It would be useful if we could monitor the Meraki cloud endpoint as we do not have a centralized controller, all of the Meraki AP's report directly to the Meraki cloud URL. I was wondering if it is possible to create a datasource to monitor the endpoint as it is an API and can use snmp?
  2. Hi Andrey, We have decided to hold off on this for now just in case it breaks any other monitoring that we have for other Sonicwall devices, once the datasource is in the repository and available for install, I will install the datasource. Thanks for the help, can't wait to test it out!
  3. Hi Andre, I would be interested in getting this early, how would I implement the change?
  4. SonicWall's VPN device only sends snmp data in word and number format, not number format which makes it impossible to monitor. Would it be possible to develop a datasource which reads the words and numbers? Even "5 Users" is not picked up by the datasource at the moment.
  5. On the windows system event log eventsource, it would be good if you had filter groups in the filters section as you currently have to create an eventsource for each device group. I think that it would be good to have a default filtering group that will apply to all groups even if a group has its own group created. For example, if filter group "default" was the only group, it will apply to every device group but if I then added a filter group named "A Group" this would not overwrite the default filter group, only add onto the rules. Where you see the filter rules table now, that could show a list of groups instead, when you click on the group it could open a window which shows the alert rules for that group. This would be very useful.