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  1. Hi All, I am looking for powershell script which it can read a device names from txt file and schedule a SDT. Can some one help on this.
  2. Hi George, I am looking for device SDT which it can read devices from txt file. I tried to modify the above script and getting below error. Could you help me on it. I am looking the solution to read the device names from txt file and making it in to sdt. Getting below output Status:1007 Response: <# account info #> $accessId = 'XXXXX' $accessKey = 'XXXXX' $company = 'XXX' # stdTYpe (integer) # 1 - one time, 2 - Weekly SDT, 3 - Monthly SDT, 4 - Daily SDT # we have to use "one time" style values because LM has no concept