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  1. Background/use-case: While the ability to click-and-drag to move items around on the Resources tree is absolutely fantastic, we've had a few but impactful occurrences where administrators accidentally moved groups when their mouse shifted slightly while clicking and it threw their target into the group above/below it. While a simple mistake with a simple fix to undo, some accidental moves have gone unnoticed until users report missed alerts due to alert filters/rules no longer matching. The Ask: It would be nice to have the option on groups & devices to prevent the ability to drag-and-drop that specific item (i.e. lock it to its parent group). After a very brief look at the current UI code, it might be as simple as this option not setting the related drag-and-drop CSS classes on that node of the tree.
  2. Please forgive me if this has been requested in the past. I didn't see it in my brief searching. Background/use-case: Our users and administrators often bounce between several different combinations of filters in LogicMonitor's Alerts tab throughout the day. There are some common combinations of filters used more frequently than others by individuals, by specific teams, and by all users. While we can, and have, created dashboards for some of these common sets of alerts, the dashboard Alerts widget doesn't offer the same functionality as LogicMonitor's main Alerts tab - particularly the inline graphs and history (which are wonderfully useful). The Ask: Allow saving combinations of filters on the Alerts tab as named filter-sets (i.e. favorites), along with a basic interface for managing these filter-sets (editing, deleting, re-ordering, etc). It would also be wonderful to have the ability to designate shared/public filter-sets (controllable by role). I see this as a valuable enhancement for customers not doing event management through external systems. As an additional nice-to-have, it would be very useful to have the option to save column settings per filter-set as well.
  3. We took a simpler approach in handling large volumes by adding a complex datapoint to the WinVolumeUsage datasource that alerts if both of the following are true: PercentFree < 5% AND FreeGB < 10 GB. So far this has worked well for us in reducing noise. The following datapoint will equal "1" if the conditions are met, "0" if all is well: if(&&(gt(PercentUsed, 95), lt(FreeGB, 10)), 1, 0) Since I hate hard-coding limits, we later modified it to pull the limits from properties so we can vary them by group/device/instance as needed. We set the default values for these properties (LowDiskSpacePercentFree & LowDiskSpaceFreeGB) at the top of our device tree. if(&&(gt(PercentUsed, LowDiskSpacePercentFree), lt(FreeGB, LowDiskSpaceFreeGB)), 1, 0) Below is what this looks like. (We prefix many of our custom properties with our company name, which I obfuscated to be safe.)
  4. Thank you, Kerry, for making this available! I made a minor change to fix pulling of alert metrics, available at GJNN46. I also included an optional, commented-out variation of the function that processes alert metrics to account for SDT, resulting in numbers similar to those shown on the Alerts tab in LogicMonitor's sidebar. Using that would also make available a new metric - 'SDTedCount' - with the number of active alerts in SDT. (You'd need to add that metric as a datapoint if you try that alternate function.)
  5. Thanks Kerry! We're digging into the new sources now and they look very useful. I know we just got these but I'll go ahead & submit my wish list for additional enhancements: Support for servers running more than one SID (as is, I have to modify all these to support a property listing multiple SIDs) Oracle ASM support Oracle RAC metrics
  6. @Kerry DeVilbiss Yes please!!! We'll be more than happy to help test.
  7. Eddie, could I get a copy of these datasources as well? We're desperate for useful Oracle datasources.
  8. Thanks Kerry! And a big thanks to @Mike Suding... your blog's been a fantastic resource!
  9. Thanks Kerry! These are great and really help spark some ideas!