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  1. Oracle Database Monitoring

    Thanks Kerry! We're digging into the new sources now and they look very useful. I know we just got these but I'll go ahead & submit my wish list for additional enhancements: Support for servers running more than one SID (as is, I have to modify all these to support a property listing multiple SIDs) Oracle ASM support Oracle RAC metrics
  2. Oracle Database Monitoring

    @Kerry DeVilbiss Yes please!!! We'll be more than happy to help test.
  3. Oracle Database Monitoring

    Eddie, could I get a copy of these datasources as well? We're desperate for useful Oracle datasources.
  4. Thanks Kerry! And a big thanks to @Mike Suding... your blog's been a fantastic resource!
  5. Sharing Dashboard views

    Thanks Kerry! These are great and really help spark some ideas!