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  1. Great news! @Mosh is exactly right, we really just need the presentation layer (in the graphs etc) to have the times converted to a Time Zone set in the user profile. This would be a huge help! Looking forward to having this in the next release!
  2. That's what I was looking for! Thanks Sarah!!!
  3. Hi Matthew, Thank you for your prompt reply. If it makes a difference, I should mention that I am trying to do this using a REST API call with a Python Script. Is there a way I can find out the specific instance ID through the API? Specifically this call: How can I find out what I need to put in place of ???? to make this work? Thanks again.
  4. I should clarify: I am doing something like this: which gives me data for many different instances like this: "status" : 200, "errmsg" : "OK", "data" : { "dataSourceName" : "Data Source Name ABC", "dataPoints" : [ "PercentUsed" ], "instances" : { "Instance Name ABC" : { "values" : [ [ 46.0 ], "time" : [ 1510947392000 ] }, "Instance Name DEF" : {
  5. Hi all, I am new to Logic Monitor and I am working on my Python script to gather datapoints but I don't know what the Instance ID is of the data I want. How do I find this out? Thank you, Thomas