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  1. We ended up creating two DataSources. We filtered by Datastore name. This required us to rename the Datastores.
  2. I would be interested to see what this documentation looks like. We have the email to Teams integration configured. If there is a different way to do this, it would be very interested.
  3. We attempted this a few times. This would be extremely helpful for alert tuning among other items. We ended up exporting CSV files and using PowerBi against the csv files. I would be interested to find out if you got this integration to work.
  4. LM, A request that we would like to make is to have any new device added to logicmonitor be placed in SDT for the first 5-10 minutes. We are finding that the devices are not responding to LM initially and throwing Host down errors. Thank you,
  5. I would like to second this request. We have had to rely on secondary monitoring tools to accomplish this task. 60 second ping intervals does not always catch dropped packets.