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  1. Hello! Our team is attempting to setup Netflow for SonicWall devices unfortunately there is little in the way of documentation on how to setup Netflow on these devices. Would anyone here have any insight that they would be willing to share in order to use LogicMonitor Netflow with SonicWall devices?
  2. Hello all! We have a client that uses SonicWall and we are having some issues bringing the device into LogicMonitor. We have confirmed that SNMP is enabled on the device(s) and that SNMP is being allowed out of the Interface. Moreover, we have setup a User/Group for our monitoring using MD5, AES and a key for both that we have created. We have also set this group to have Root Access. Additionally on the current configuration for SNMP we see that Get Community Name, Trap Community Name and Host 1 are populated with information. Host 1 being the NAT'd IP address of the environment. When attempting to Run Active Discovery we see that on the logs on the SonicWall that the logs suggest that the Engine ID is incorrect. However we are using the Engine ID that is shown in simple plain text within the SNMP configuration using the snmp.contextEngineID function within the devices' properties. However when running tests it seems that everything returns as Invalid Engine ID no matter what the issue seems to be. So any other ways that anyone here knows how to get these devices into LogicMonitor when the device is using SMNP v3?
  3. We did verify that there is a setting that requires a verification note that is required to have Autotask tickets completed. Would anyone here have a best practice on how to get around that requirement? As we would like to keep the completion note, but want to have our LogicMonitor integration be able to close tickets.
  4. Hi! I haven't been able to find any specific documentation of trouble associated with this issue so I thought I'd reach out to the community! My team has LogicMonitor integrated with Autotask that we use to open/close tickets, however, it appears that only certain tickets get closed when LogicMonitor alerts disappear. Everything in the integration itself is setup properly to permit closure of these tickets, (Cleared is set to Complete) but often it doesn't occur and we have to clear the alerts from autotask manually which, as you can imagine, can be a time intensive task. Any troubleshooting steps or settings in either LogicMonitor or Autotask that I should look into to fix this issue? Thank you all for any help you guys can provide!