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  1. One note to add to description: Need to install the Active Directory Powershell module on the LM collector that is monitoring the AD server you are applying the datasource to. @mnagelGreat datasource thank you!
  2. Thanks @Stuart Weenig I didnt see this until today. Do I still need to put the XML for anyone else? When will the new features roll out?
  3. Datasource to monitor active SSL Cisco AnyConnect sessions on a Cisco ASA LM Exchange Locator: RWLRW2
  4. Two quick monitors to check days left on ADFS TOKEN SIGNING and TOKEN DECRYPTING certs. I ran into a situation that even though they were set to auto rollover they did not. Also this will help in letting you know and prepare to get the new cert to external sources for ADFS LM Exchange Locator: 3WYNWA YDWEHH
  5. When will this datasource be past security review
  6. Datasource to monitor replication health of Hyper-V VMs. Datasource has been tested on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 LM Locator: 42EJDM
  7. Created a datasource for Barracuda Web Filter stats Locator: PL2GFZ
  8. Sounds good. What new features will be coming along?
  9. Datasource that uses active discover to find ports in errdisabled state and create an Error in LogicMonitor LM Exchange: GR4XMN
  10. SNMP monitor of NetApp Altavault system health LM Locator: ME7CAY
  11. Datasource with powershell script to monitor the Sync status of a specific database in a SQL 2016 High Availability instance. I noticed databases can fall into NotSynchronizing status on secondary nodes often without much alerting around it. The datasource monitors per database. If someone has a better way that will take in the status of all databases on the instance I am open to suggestions LM Locator: 6YD2C9
  12. LM-Staff when will this pass security review?
  13. Sorry I should of mentioned. This is for DHCP scope monitoring on Windows Server 2012 R2. I have not tested it on other verions of WIndows Server
  14. Put together a powershell script that will report/alert on snapmirror lag times for specific volumes. This is for people on clustered mode LM Exchange: XHAPZD
  15. Put together a datasource that will report/alert on specific DHCP Scopes percent in use LM Exchange: HMT9K4