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  1. Hi Jake, Good day, I have trouble in running this script. I tried to change the "Collector/8" number to one of my collectors say 86 for ex. I have updated this script in the "data source" in Logic monitor but still having trouble to run this script. it shows no results. I use logic monitor for a long time but I am a bit new to running scripts in it. Could you please guide me on how to/where to put this script and run successfully. any kind of help/ links is appreciated. I also have question on whether to run this in the "Data Source' logic monitor or run on the server in
  2. I have more then 100 collectors. I want to change "Send Collector Down Notification" to "One Time" all at once. Is it possible using script or do we have any other option rather then going into one by one manually to do it. At the moment they all in a single group say "Group A" most of them are set to 15 minutes. I want to change them all into "One Time" any suggestions..