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  1. Love the Idea of sharing dashboards, I might have posted it as a feature request at one point. I do believe Kerry himself set us up with some slick overall dashboards in the beginning. :)


    Speaking of which, can I snag the json to the public cloud and exchange server dashboards please? Seems very useful!


    Thank you,


  2. Hey All,


    Couldn't find a way to do this using the alert tokens available so I figured I would post it here. I noticed some cool features from other monitoring tools that allow graphs to be sent in the alert body to PagerDuty. So when I receive a PagerDuty page from LM it would be nice to see the associated graph with the data point that is alerting.


    While just the alert text is good enough for most scenarios I think seeing how big of a jump/spike the data point made before alerting would be useful. The alert "C drive is 90% full" is all fine and good but when you see a graph showing it go from 12% to that 90% in just a minute or two then you know something is really up and might need more expediency as it will probably continue to fill up at that rate.

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  3. Hey LM team,

    There are a number of options to customize what is in a service alert as well as a data source alert, but config source? Nope, can't modify what gets sent. All it says is that a change was made and gives you a link to the device. A couple things I think would be beneficial as a new feature,

    1. 1. Being able to put what lines were added or removed right in the alert. For simple configs you can then tell right away if you need to take action or not.
    2. 2. Have the link in the alert actually bring you to the diff view of the current and last config state. While having to click through the multiple links and then slide the diff view slider is fairly painless, at 3am on my phone it can add to the sleepy frustration level.

    Basically just bringing some of the flexibility that alert templates have for data sources and services to the config sources.



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  4. Kerry,


    Would love to see those powershell examples for exchange online and if you happen to know of an example for the scripted internal service checks for O365 that would be awesome as well. :) My App team has been trying to setup an external service check for the office portal but that is pretty basic, trying to step further into the web pages results in errors. :/