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    Background/use-case: While the ability to click-and-drag to move items around on the Resources tree is absolutely fantastic, we've had a few but impactful occurrences where administrators accidentally moved groups when their mouse shifted slightly while clicking and it threw their target into the group above/below it. While a simple mistake with a simple fix to undo, some accidental moves have gone unnoticed until users report missed alerts due to alert filters/rules no longer matching. The Ask: It would be nice to have the option on groups & devices to prevent the ability to drag-and-drop that specific item (i.e. lock it to its parent group). After a very brief look at the current UI code, it might be as simple as this option not setting the related drag-and-drop CSS classes on that node of the tree.
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    In the Auto Updates for Collectors, when you set a schedule there is no way to go back and edit the Collectors in that schedule without having to delete the schedule and re-add it again with the new Collectors. Please give us the ability to add or remove Collectors from an Automatic Collector Upgrade Group within the Selected Collectors area. This would make administration much easier than having to delete and create every time I need to add or remove a Collector from an Auto Upgrade.
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    A much-needed feature, pop-up confirmation on drag n drop etc - I would, however, leave out the option to 'do not ask me again' as some people might select that option the first time and then they would be back to the same scenario now. The extra mouse click of a confirmatory action is very minor when comparing the potential consequences of dragging one customer device group into another, especially if individual customer 'ServiceNow' or other integrations have been set up.
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    Need a Nimble datasource to pick up power supply status. Array Info already uses the cli to gather data, so work needed would be minimal.
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    One of the biggest challenges with LM is the reliance on numbers only in datasources -- the reason is understood, but the result is often messy and many backflips must be done to get a usable result in many cases. I recommend that there be a "lookup" function for numbers that can be associated with datapoints so numeric values can be replaced with text when that is appropriate. An example I just ran into today was after I added the OpenWeatherMap datasource from LM Exchange. It did not include the weather condition, so I added that to the datasource. The values for these range from 200's to 800's indicating "clouds", "rain", etc. You could in theory create a legend for this as is done typically, but the list is too long in practice for 60-odd values (https://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions). If those code-to-string lookups could be defined and referenced, then the value displayed in graphs, in alerts and anywhere else applicable could be displayed as the mapped values, not the original codes. This obviously applies much more widely than this example, but this example shows more clearly how the current method breaks down.