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    It will be great for the MAP widget to be able to display website. We monitor over 2000 devices and would be good to be able to display the geographical outage of our devices.
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    We have a multi-tenant MSP environment, We find that we cannot use the same display name for our clients even though the similarly named systems are in different Child folders. So \'DC01\' for Domain Controller has to be unique across all of our clients. Please consider changing this.
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    Update- I found the solution: Edit agent.conf: 1. collector.xxxx.enable=false on every unused/unneeded datasource collection mechanism. 2. eventcollector.xxxx.enable=false on every unused/unneeded eventsource collection mechanism. 3. sbproxy.pool.connections=25 4. sbproxy.linux.threadPoolSize=60 5. collector.snmp.threadpool=25 6. discover.workers=5 In my case, I pretty much am monitoring the collector machine only, and I've only left snmp, script & webpage-related collectors enabled and this seems to have done the trick. The last few configurations might not be necessary..but everything seems to be working fine with these configs..!