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    In my opinion the alerts New UI colours are terrible, please allow us to adjust them or create few other themes (dark theme or old grey theme worked great) to choose from.
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    While not in a table but if it helps you can use the Gauge widget to show the current value and also show a Peak value for a particular period, including 24 hours. https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/dashboards-and-widgets/widgets/which-widget-should-i-use/gauge-widget/#id:peak-time-range-selection
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    A dark theme would be my preference. Much easier on the eyes, especially for night shifts.
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    If your are not aware you should be able to edit the soap xml values to fill in whatever fields you need. I don't use Autotask myself but it looks very similar to other Integrations. When you setup an integration, you will fill some values on the top half and then click on a Generate button. This will then auto-populate the HTTP Delivery section based on your values. You can edit the various parts of the HTTP Delivery section and modify the default Soap XML request to add in any other field you want to add. You can use various LM Tokens or hard-coded values.
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    In the old Alert view I could use a filter of "!(Test)" to filter out DataPoints with "Test" in the string. This no longer appears to work. For example, we want to filter out RetrievalTest and DifferenceTest datapoints. @Sarah Terry
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    It would be pretty cool if we had the option to show dashboard one for 30 seconds and then show dashboard two for 15 seconds and then dashboard three for 15 seconds.
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    You can embed javascript in the Text Widget. Add Text Widget > Source button and enter in something like this: <p id="today">[today]</p> <script> var d = new Date(); var date = d.getFullYear() + "/" + d.getMonth() + "/" + d.getDate() document.getElementById('today').innerHTML = date; </script> Note that the javascript needs to be after the html code it modifies. I don't think you can use this javascript to modify other parts of the dashboard or extract data from monitoring because it's all contained inside an iframe. I also don't know if this will continue to work in the future. If you need to get monitoring data into the widget, you might want to look at the various examples of datasources that directly modify widgets on these forums like: https://communities.logicmonitor.com/topic/2173-sql-results-table-display/#comment-5571
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    Another idea might be to have critical color "pulse" (using CSS animation).
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    I'm also happy to start another discussion thread and hold a public discussion on the topic so anyone with input could chime in if they were so disposed.
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    @Michael Fisher HTTPS sooner rather than later would be good. For other ports you'll never have a complete list but how about a tunnel functionality to enable remote access to protocols you don't support and non-standard ports?
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    Hi All, We have really been enjoying the Remote Management feature of logic monitor. For sites that we don't have a direct interconnect with its great being able to quickly SSH onto our devices to make adjustments or check config without having to open up a separate VPN tunnel. However with HTTP/HTTPS management becoming common with Firewalls, Controllers, Routers etc... I feel there is a huge opportunity to have logic monitor be able to fit almost every management use case by implementing an HTTP/HTTPS remote session functionally in the same way RDP and SSH remote sessions work. We as a company would primarily use this feature for help managing networking Equipment, but functionality would extend to Printers, IPCameras, Security Systems, Phone systems, UPS and many more. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks, Will.