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    Hey all, The ability to drag and drop items in the device tree in order to reorganize them is a powerful feature, but the staggered manner in which the tree loads and expands on page load "encourages" a user to accidentally move folders and devices around in the tree, which leads to numerous detrimental effects (not the least is having to try and figure out where you accidentally moved them to). Request is to either introduce a safeguard prompt "Are you sure you wish to move X from Y to Z?" for all drag and drop actions within the device tree, or, alternately, introduce a configuration item on folders and devices allowing them to be "protected" against moves --- either adding a safeguard "are you sure...?" prompt for those specific items, or prevent moving them entirely without first taking the action to "unprotect" them. Thanks, Nick
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    Hello, It'd be really great to be able to run datasources by scheduler (Collect every). For example, at 3 am every day or 2 pm every Monday. I'm aware of pollinginterval but even if i set it to run every 3600 min (every day), i can't set time when it should be executed.
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    Hello LogicMonitor team, Please add possibility to change timezone per user account, not for the whole portal. For us as a global company it is critical feature, cause we have offices and equipment worldwide so engineers can see events in local timezone. Right now we have timezone configured for California, and it is not convenient to track events from Moscow, for example. Thanks in advance!
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    Totally agree that this feature is required. A lock property on the group that prevents moving would be ideal. We have had operational issues caused by accidental movement of groups, which then cause Dashboards and Alert rules to fail. The movement can sometimes be in place for a while before noticed. I would recommend this is implemented as soon as possible as it undermines the reliability of the product in senior management's eye.
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    Hi, We are using HP Vertica big data solution and we want to run queries to monitor the HP Vertica database. Is there any option to access the HP Vertica from the LogicMonitor ? https://my.vertica.com/docs/7.1.x/HTML/Content/Authoring/ConnectingToHPVertica/ClientADO/ADO.NETConnectionProperties.htm https://www.connectionstrings.com/vertica/
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    XKJNGZ Uses Powershell to make WMI queries to get the current backlog file count for each outbound DFSR partner on each DFSR share. These queries can be expensive if the backlog is large, so the polling interval is set to 10 minutes. If there is no backlog, the script finishes quickly. No default alerting is set, but I would recommend adding a threshold to be notified of potential replication issues. NOTE* - The collector must be able to reach both DFSR partners and will use the same credentials to make the queries for both.
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    Hey there, I'm sharing my datasources for CUCM that use the Serviceability APIs using PowerShell and SOAP (I'm a powershell scripter, still haven't gotten the time to fully understand groovy). I'll expand on this post as I get further down adding additional datasources from the Serviceability APIs. All of these require a cucm.user and cucm.pass entered on the devices that are the call manager servers. Cisco CUCM Device Status- DXZRTZ - Reports the following datapoints for all devices registered to CUCM - StatusReason, IsRegistered, IsNotRegistered, NumOfLines, RegistrationAttempts - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/realtimeservice2/services/RISService70?wsdl - Needs to have servicability features turned on (you can check just by going to this URL) Cisco CUCM Service Status- 3LNYR9 - Reports the service status of all services running for CUCM servers - https://$($hostname):8443/controlcenterservice2/services/ControlCenterServices?wsdl Cisco CUCM Statistics ZN494P - Reports about 100 datapoints from CUCM's PerfMon "Cisco CallManager" object - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/perfmonservice2/services/PerfmonService?wsdl
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    It would be great to have the ability to expand legends on dashboards when they are shared. By default, the option needs to be toggled to view the Top 5/10/25 etc...
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    The Add User page flags an email address as invalid if there is a trailing space. This can easily happen when users copy and paste emails addresses, for example, from a service request ticket. Copying from web pages often results in a space being added to the front or the end of the text selection. Please enhance the validation code so that it simply trims spaces from the start and end. This might seem like a small enhancement, but when you're a large organization and creating batches of accounts, it can be frustrating.
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    Thanks Mike. I watched your videos on YouTube before I started using LM
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    We have devices that need to be members of multiple groups to keep our notifications simple. Currently, in the alert widget, all group memberships are shown in the Group column. We would like to be able to select which groups should be visible in the Group column. Usually it's the main business service group, and not the technical groups used only for alert rules. Also, we would like the groups in the Group column to be alphabetically sorted. Order seems random at the moment. Readability would be improved also if each group in the Group column was on a new line.
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    Very interested in this datasource. When can we expect this to be approved?
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    I see a need in the design to alert on deviation from rolling average: example 1: Temperature in hardware is based on fixed baseline (default or manual adjusted) or based on fixed Delta. In real world application it would Make a LOT more sense to alert on Deviation from a 5 day or 30 day rolling average Temp of the box. Reason is, units alarm on the weekends because the office shuts off the AC during the summer. or they alert During the week 9-5 because in the winter the offices crank the heat. All of these ignore nuance of RANGE and Average expectation for the location...The alerting should just be how FAR outside the average Range for the site is. My Nashville facility hovers from 56 to 59 all week. I have it set on 57 so I get alerts at least once a weekend. I could move it to 59...but that's a band-aid. The REAL solution would be to have the software TRACK the last 30 days, and alert when we're outside the NORM for that location. furthermore....with hardware it is not the specific temps that kill the hardware....its the RATE at which the temp changes. so, the alerts SHOULD be based on the average range the system has seen in the last 30 days, and alert ONLY when the rate of change accelerates...but I imagine THAT request would be more challenging to reduce to an algorithm. Example 2: PING times.....I have sites where the Latency range is EXTREME (Mumbai, Johannesburg, Taipei etc...) I'd wished the PING would track the 30 day range and common deviation from norm and alert when the sites see latency that is way outside the expected fluctuation range. 30ms typical 90% of the time + 200-500ms spikes 10% of the time. when Ping times hit 300 ms for more then 10% of the last hour of sampling....then notify warning to inform of change in TREND....not fixed threshold in immediate sample
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    T4WZC3 Initially I created this to monitor the status of DFS shares, but can be used on any Windows share. Monitors for the status as indicated by Microsoft's MSDN site here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394435(v=vs.85).aspx Graphs allow you to easily see the status over time.
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    @Andrey Kitsen thank you Totally forgot to mention you'll also need to install the Exchange Management tools on your collector. If you don't have the Exchange installation media to hand you can install the management tools from the SP3 update. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=36768 Cheers.
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    3JELEP Discovers and monitors the performance of the RabbitMQ processes and alerts if a RabbitMQ node's processes are in a stopped state or restart.
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    Thanks Mate. I have requested from support
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    Hi Sarah, We have the same use case, however, our CMDB is in ServiceNow and the way we would like to meet the use case would be to have way to provide LogicMonitor with the CI class and a CI fieldname to query, then perform the cross reference and alert if there are any missing CIs from LogicMonitor. Since all alerts in LogicMonitor are against a device, this task could be assigned to a Collector.