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    Hello, We currently use a third party (OpsGenie) for alerting, and currently we have a custom integration configured in LogicMonitor to send alert information to OpsGenie. Although there has been significant improvements to integrations over the past few months, one feature that lacks significantly for us is a supported two way integration between OpsGenie and LogicMonitor. This would be very similar to the partnership/integration that LogicMonitor has already built with PagerDuty. As LogicMonitor releases new integration features, it tends to break current workflows with alert creation in OpsGenie. A supported integration would give us more confidence that as LogicMonitor continues to release new features, that our alert functionality would continue to operate as expected.
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    Allow devices to be dependent on one another. If a router goes down, the switch behind it will most likely go down or have an error as well.
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    What I'm picturing is a hybrid of the NOC widget and big number widget. The big number (text color or background color) would be in green when not triggering any alert conditions and yellow, orange, or red to match alert level. Alternatively, adding a value column to the NOC widget would accomplish the same goal. Either of these allows the eye to be drawn to the most important things on a dashboard without having to dig for the associated value.
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    Please add a Settings option to allow users to set the colors for alert severities. This could be as simple as setting the CSS hex values/RGB values via a Settings UI. Reason is some people have color blindness and would prefer to select their own color values for severities.
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    Could we have an option on the various SLA reports to exclude scheduled downtime? It would allow us to give the customer and accurate SLA report, as the period that we have scheduled is excluded from their SLA with us.
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    I'd like to have additional visual filter options for the big number widget configuration to drive the background color of the widget: Red value expression Amber value expression Otherwise Green or default background color.
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    WARNING - This propertysource pulls a list of all Windows services installed. This does not filter the services to only show running or auto-starting services. Useful for auditing, auto-grouping, and inventory. Example below Displays the a list of all installed Windows Services. auto.winservices [AeLookupSvc, ALG, AppIDSvc, Appinfo, AppMgmt, aspnet_state, AudioEndpointBuilder, AudioSrv, BESClient, BESClientHelper, BFE, BITS, Browser, CertPropSvc, clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32, clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_64, clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32, clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_64, COMSysApp, CryptSvc, DcomLaunch, defragsvc, Dhcp, DiagTrack, Dnscache, dot3svc, DPS, EapHost, EFS, eventlog, EventSystem, FCRegSvc, fdPHost, FDResPub, FontCache, FontCache3.0.0.0, gpsvc, hidserv, hkmsvc, idsvc, IEEtwCollectorService, IKEEXT, IPBusEnum, iphlpsvc, KeyIso, KtmRm, LanmanServer, LanmanWorkstation, lltdsvc, lmhosts, MMCSS, MpsSvc, MSDTC, MSiSCSI, msiserver, MSSQL$SVSSDB, MSSQLFDLauncher$SVSSDB, MSSQLServerADHelper100, napagent, Netlogon, Netman, NetMsmqActivator, NetPipeActivator, netprofm, NetTcpActivator, NetTcpPortSharing, NlaSvc, nsi, PerfHost, pla, PlugPlay, PolicyAgent, Power, ProfSvc, ProtectedStorage, RasAuto, RasMan, RemoteAccess, RemoteRegistry, RpcEptMapper, RpcLocator, RpcSs, RSoPProv, sacsvr, SamSs, SCardSvr, Schedule, SCPolicySvc, seclogon, SENS, SessionEnv, SharedAccess, ShellHWDetection, SNMPTRAP, Spooler, sppsvc, sppuinotify, SQLAgent$SVSSDB, SQLBrowser, SQLWriter, SSDPSRV, SstpSvc, swprv, TapiSrv, TermService, THREADORDER, TrkWks, TrustedInstaller, UI0Detect, UmRdpService, upnphost, UxSms, VaultSvc, vds, VGAuthService, VMTools, vmvss, VMware Physical Disk Helper Service, VSS, W32Time, WcsPlugInService, WdiServiceHost, WdiSystemHost, Wecsvc, wercplsupport, WerSvc, WinHttpAutoProxySvc, Winmgmt, WinRM, wmiApSrv, WPDBusEnum, WRSVC, wuauserv, wudfsvc] Z4LHDZ
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    We urgently need a way for our regional operations teams to be able to see alert date times in local time. This a critical requirement as we are a global business and for people outside of the account timezone to be constantly trying to work out the local time of an alert is ridiculous.
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    I would like to be able to use the NOC widget to navigate to other dashboards. Currently clicking a NOC widhet status block opens a window and takes the user to the device tree object bound to the NOC widget status block. I would like to have it so that click a NOC widget status block takes the user to another dashboard. For example, I have a group named "Network Services" and under this group I have child groups for different countries, "Networks UK", "Networks FR", "Networks DE", etc. I have a NOC widget which displays a block for each country (see attached). Each country will also have its own dashboard. The intuitive action my users expect is to be able to click a NOC widget status block and be taken to the dashboard for their country.
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    Our CTO is asking me to provide a daily email report of some key metrics to our clients and internal stakeholders. I'm able to create a suitable report and email it, however his concern is the number of clicks to view the report. The belief is that the email will just go straight to trash if our clients can't see the report in the email body. For me, using gmail, I have to download the attachment first, then open it from my laptop. Two options we talked about were: 1. Use the HTML report as the body of the email rather than an attachment (surely the days of text-only email clients are gone) 2. A configurable/dynamic subject to provide some hint of what the report actually contains, e.g. the uptime for a particular service over the last 24 hours. If the subject said "100% Uptime", there is no reason to open the report, if the subject said "98% Uptime" I can open to see more detail. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make reports a little more effective for a somewhat apathetic audience?
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    Dear LM, how in the age is this not a feature yet? Had I been at my company when LM was evaluated I would have not picked the tool just on this one point. It's a major issue for us as a global business with regional IT centers. Surely the date times are stored as epochs, no?
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    Currently we have a customer who has the a requirement which I hope can be fulfilled from within LogicMonitor. We have 3 single datasources which are completely independent of each other (CPU usage, memory distribution in the database and number of messages in a queue). I can collect these three datasources and put a threshold on, but the requirement is that only on a specific combination of these thresholds an alert needs to be triggerd. Example: IF CPU > 80% and Memory usage in the database > 70% and a certain queue contains > 1000 messages then an alert needs to be triggerd. If one of the requirements is not met, there is no reason for an alert. Thanks for any hint into the right direction.
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    This is a great request! We have a Saturday maintenance window, and being able to exclude it from SLA calculations would be very useful.
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    Would like the Monthly recurring SDT to be more complex/flexible for scheduled maintenance. See attached of current settings. Example of what is needed: "2nd Friday of each Month" or "First Monday of each Month"
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    We do monthly maintence for our clients on the last Sunday of every month. It would great if we could set a scheduled SDT for the last Sunday of every month, rather than specific dates.
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    Would greatly appreciate this. To take it one step further, the orange and red colors used for severity sometimes resemble each other on cheaper displays or monitors - the icon is the only way to truly tell what level alert it is at.
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    Google Maps provides a method for custom styling. Is this something that could be configured? We have been working on a dark themed dashboard and the default map sticks out like a sore thumb. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/styling
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    It would be nice to have an export button on any alert table. When we're doing research on an issue and we've finally narrowed the criteria to see the info we need, it helps to have an export button right there, rather than having to go to reports and reconfigure all the parameters to hopefully get the same data.
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    Hello, It would be nice if it was possible to restrict the 2FA options that are available to authenticate with upon login. Attached images explain.
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    We have some Linux servers for which we need to use SNMP for OS monitoring, but we also need to use SNMP for some application monitoring. The applications bind to a different port, since the OS is bound to the standard SNMP port, 161. We would like to be able to use the embedded scripting, so please make it possible to specify a port with the Snmp.get() command: a = Snmp.get(host,".")
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    Please move all the functions of the Manage button to a Manage tab that sits alongside the other tabs. This would mean we could click from object to object while staying on the Manage tab to make changes more quickly.
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    Useful for inventory, auditing, and auto-grouping. Displays the a list of all installed Windows Features separated by commas. Example below. auto.winfeatures [Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features, Telnet Client, Remote Server Administration Tools, .NET Framework 3.5.1, Role Administration Tools, AD LDS Snap-Ins and Command-Line Tools, AD DS and AD LDS Tools, Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell] WMN9DN
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    Useful for inventory purposes. Displays the total number of CPU's, cores, and logical processors on Windows machines. Also provides a description of each CPU. Example below. auto.cpu.cores 4 auto.cpu.logicalcount 4 auto.cpu.total 4 auto.cpu0.description Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz auto.cpu1.description Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz auto.cpu2.description Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz auto.cpu3.description Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz MRF3XG
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    Would like to be able to retrieve the "Alert Rules" and "Escalation Chains" data that you see in "Alert Settings". Either a report, API, or export would work. Also would like to be able to list out what devices those alert rules pertain to. We need this information to audit our current environment and to see what device alerts are going to which groups. Our Logic Monitor environment is distributed and has hundreds of rules and escalation chains. Recent reorg's, and shifting of responsibilities, has made it necessary to identify what is monitored and who gets those alerts. With this information I hope to reorganize device groups and collapse and reduce redundant and unused rules and escalation chains, and move to a more centralized and manageable system.
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    Hi, Ok, this might be beyond the limits of a browser, but it would be great to be able to upload a visio (or an image) of the network schematic and then be able to map certain parts of the image to a host. A bit like the google maps does, however the customer would see an instance visual representation of the network and be able to see instantly which device is causing the issue.
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    I am trying to create uptime SLA dashborad with HostStatus-idletimeinterval or Pinglosspercent. With the current version, unable to exclude the devices which are marked as SDT. This is affecting the uptime SLA. It would be great, if you could include this option.
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    Because of the of the way Alert Rules are processed, we need a way to export all Alert Rules definitions so that we can store a copy in our Configuration Management ystem, and also so that we can take a backup before implementing major changes to Alert Rules, so that if the change needs to be reversed, we can refer back to the previous configuration of Alert Rules. Yes, of course, we can take screen shots, but that would be very time consuming if we had to update lots of alert rules. A generic Export/Import All Alert Rules option would be ideal.
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    Looking for a way to change the BODY of an automatic alert that would be sent out to our clients based on the STATUS of the Notification is it in ACTIVE? OR ACK? OR CLEARED. We come from another monitoring tool (check_mk) that supported flexible notifications via scripts we could create and integrate into the core alerting system. It seems that we are limited to one template which makes our alerts to clients a bit confusing. Also in automatic alerts it would be nice to have a TOKEN that would allow you to embed a graph of the datasource over the last hour showing visually when the issue occured. It seems that all that is supported is RICH text Sincerely, Miguel
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    Hi Annie Excluding SDT would still be useful as they also indicated scheduled maintenance outside the regular intervals.
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    Hi, Very simply, I'd like to be able to see the amount of actively collected data points in a group. Super nice to have: ability to graph said sum of data points. Anyone else feel this could be nice to have? Cheers, Bjorn
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    As I used to tease before: Nagios can do this..
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    Hi,rnI had another request for this from a customer the other day, the IT manager wants to put it on a big screen in his ops room. It would make LM a much easier to sell if we could have this.
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    Please add the ability to monitor Oracle OVM server just like you have for a VM Ware Host.
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    The other way to do this would be to use standard images for common network objects (negating the need to upload an image). So you would select Router, Switch, Email Server, AD Server, Firewall etc and then make map of the network.
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    I too agree. Allow ability to show basic host/device stats upon hover-over. Change color of object to depict health of host/device or group.
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    I Agree,rnSolarwinds and PRTG among other enterprise monitoring solutions both run in web browsers and have extensive map designer capabilities where you can have regional maps or logical maps. you can Map nodes to a host and drill down by layer. Can even upload your rack diagrams as maps or visios.rnI would hope that this is on the road map for Logic monitor as well~.rnAndrew