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    Our CTO is asking me to provide a daily email report of some key metrics to our clients and internal stakeholders. I'm able to create a suitable report and email it, however his concern is the number of clicks to view the report. The belief is that the email will just go straight to trash if our clients can't see the report in the email body. For me, using gmail, I have to download the attachment first, then open it from my laptop. Two options we talked about were: 1. Use the HTML report as the body of the email rather than an attachment (surely the days of text-only email clients are gone) 2. A configurable/dynamic subject to provide some hint of what the report actually contains, e.g. the uptime for a particular service over the last 24 hours. If the subject said "100% Uptime", there is no reason to open the report, if the subject said "98% Uptime" I can open to see more detail. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make reports a little more effective for a somewhat apathetic audience?
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    Not sure about the netflow stuff but with wireshark (which also uses winpcap) it might not support using Perhaps try using the lan ip? https://superuser.com/questions/508623/how-can-i-see-127-0-0-1-traffic-on-windows-using-wireshark
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    Since it's part of a URL you might have to use urlencode rather than htmlentieies. So ">" would be "%3C". There is also java.net.URLEncoder in Groovy. I would look at perhaps using something like pairs << ("${k}=${URLEncoder.encode(v, "UTF-8")}") in your packParams() function. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10187344/how-to-encode-url-in-groovy
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    It would be very helpful to have a button that shows all applicable live alerts for a given rule in the policy editor, especially when deciding whether it is safe to activate a new alert / escalation chain.
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    Would it be possible to provide an API call or calls that provide a 'hit count' (historical and current) against alert rules and escalation chains? Ideally it would allow a filter to be assigned for alert levels of interest. This would help in providing metrics around how many alerts are being generated, and to what areas of responsibility, and help drive additional questions around configuration and maintenance. I know there is a report to extract thresholds and their destinations, but these metrics are not available currently, it seems. Many Thanks ~Nick
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    Please add option to hide the Disabled Datasources object in the Resources tree from users who do not have Manage or higher privileges.
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    I would like to see an ability to select instances for widgets (and alert rules, etc.) based on other factors than the instance label or glob pattern. It should be possible to select based on an applies-to-like function using instance properties, instance description and instance group (latter I requested separately some time back). A good example for this would be a widget that displays all WAN or DIA links in one place. Selection would be determined either by instance description match (with instructions to the client to ensure those are labeled to cause inclusion) or perhaps by an instance property. I can do some of this with an API-based tool for widget maintenance, but that would not address all places this should be possible.
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    Someone please do this. The UI in general needs to be normalized so all tables can be searched, all objects can be cloned, the same buttons in the same location for the same functions, etc. This one in particular is super annoying once you exceed a page of data (as it would be for any multi-page table).
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    Please make the "go here" link in the "For more detailed troubleshooting recommendations, go here." message open in a new tab/window. If you accidentally click this it open in same window and we lose our command history! Add the debug help that appears on entering a debug console to the regular help content (if it's there I didn't find it) so that we can open the help panel and have the commands easily accessible from the Support Guide panel. The HTML version should be easier to read too. Finally, please add some blank lines between the built-in commands help to make it easier to read the green on black screen. HTML version in the Support Guide panel though, that's the way to go.
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    There are times when field values in LM do not match expected field values in integration targets and it would be handy to have an option within the integration to transform data when necessary. Ideally, this would be via the template feature that doesn't yet exist, but it could be done now if the integration data was processed optionally as a Groovy script. A practical example of this is for PagerDuty, where they can accept a severity field. Unfortunately, the values do not match for ##LEVEL## to what PagerDuty expects, so it is a non-starter. If we could execute a Groovy script instead, it would be possible to adjust the values before submitting to the PagerDuty API. I envision this as an option in the integration data field where it would be 'plain text' for the current method and 'Groovy script' for the proposed method.
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    We have a multi-tenant MSP environment, We find that we cannot use the same display name for our clients even though the similarly named systems are in different Child folders. So \'DC01\' for Domain Controller has to be unique across all of our clients. Please consider changing this.
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    I would like to also suggest the same for phone calls and SMS notifications.
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    I would love to see LM implement a new feature for taking a built-in, self prescribed, action on an alert. To minimize any exposure that LM might have in an action gone awry, the actions taken could occur as the result of a script that one could upload into the Escalation Chain. Ideally you could define multiple actions or multiple retries on an action and whether that occurred before or after the recipient notification in the notification chain. This would allow for very basic alerts (disk, service restarts, etc) to be resolved programatically. Also being able to support various scripting languages such as PowerCLI, Ansible, etc would allow for some very creative ways to integrate with solutions such as VMWare or Ansible Tower for very complex actions to be crafted by more expert skill level folks.
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    There currently doesn't appear to be a way to create an eventsource through the REST API. This functionality would be very useful as part of an CI/CD pipeline.