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  2. SNMP - Use RAW value in datapoint

    You could also do a script DS that converts the compass direction to a number.
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  4. multiple parallel datapoint thresholds

    Never saw any feedback on this, and here we are a year later. I just ran into another case where this would be useful (there are many). The current Cisco Stack DS has a State datapoint. That has a builtin threshold for > 4 as warning. Really, this should be "< 4" warning and "> 4" critical, but this is currently impossible. Please make fixing this a priority!
  5. I recently published CGYKT4. In this DataSource, a groovy script checks for the presence of the custom.MonitoredServices property. If the value is "SYN_Windows_Basic_Services" then the script replaces that with a hard-coded set of standard services. If custom.MonitoredServices contains any comma-spearated list of services, then the script just uses those. Finally, if custom.MonitoredServices contains "SYN_Windows_Basic_Services" and a comma-separated list of services, then the standard list of services is added to the values from the property. Once the list of services is determined, the script checks if those services exist on the target device. If so, an instance is created and the script generates an alert if the service is not running.
  6. Windows Patches needed

    Hi @Mike Suding I have found that sometimes it is possible to get a false $DayDiff when going by the most recently installed update. I found an example on a server where an older roll-up was installed recently and the returned date was way in the past. So, I'm using the following method, which so far has been returning the expected results: $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\Results\Detect" If (Test-Path -Path $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH) { $lastSuccessTime = [datetime](Get-ItemProperty -Path $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH -name "LastSuccessTime").LastSuccessTime $DayDiff = $(New-TimeSpan -start $lastSuccessTime).Days } else { $DayDiff = -1 }
  7. Polling devices that don't ping

    I've used CSV in the past to do initial uploads and it always did the active discovery. As Chris suggests, try some manual active discovery and datasource force match.
  8. Additional Checkpoint locations

    Agree, we need a couple more Website check locations in the LM cloud side - The USA has 3 checkpoints, Asia, Australia & Europe have 1 a piece how about a further website checkpoint from the London DC & another from a Central Europe location?
  9. Conditional alerting

    The idea behind this post is also what I figured out on my own, however, I want to see the amount remaining in the message that gets sent in the alert. Will there ever be any kind of free-form secondary return value that can be passed along with the alert? Evaluate this value against these thresholds - send this other value/string if threshold is met (and maybe even per threshold). I really only see this being needed for variably sized storage. We have previously used what is below, but we also had a column for "performance data." when percent_free < 5 and gb_free < 5 then 0 -- critical when percent_free < 10 and gb_free < 15 then 1 -- warn else 3 -- ok
  10. Polling devices that don't ping

    Have you tried running active discovery from the device then re matching the datasources.
  11. Certificate Expiration Notification

    Yes the datasource is SSLCerts-
  12. Additional Checkpoint locations

    Adding LAC-based checkpoints to the chorus as well as UK and Europe based checks.
  13. Additional Checkpoint locations

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the swift response, apologies but let me explain our need more clearly... We need to perform website checks from the internet from multiple locations. While LM has 6 internet locations only 1 is close to the UK and the more remote sites appear unreliable. We can only set a single timeout/download time to cover all monitoring locations but even at 30,000ms we still find that we are getting drops and false alarms. Having a number of reliable checkpoint locations is crucial for us so we can protect against false positives and can obtain a reliable reading of how responsive a site actually is. So we were wondering if LM intend to open any further checkpoint locations in the near future - hopefully in the UK or Europe ideally? The [only] alternative we have currently is to build out our own "Collector virtual machines" in data centres around the UK and Europe and use the "Internal Web Check" functionality as you say.
  14. LM "Actions"

    @Kerry DeVilbiss Thanks a ton! We're working towards an official POC and appreciate the communities response on some of these initial questions we've had. I'll definitely want to try this out to see how it functions once we get further along.
  15. LM "Actions"

    Hey @NBM, Because our collector can act as a script-runner, we have some folks that have written scripts that look for those conditions, act on what they see, and then report back to LogicMonitor after taking one of those actions. Check out @Mike Suding's blog post and DataSource for Windows Services as an example: Best, Kerry
  16. Additional Checkpoint locations

    @Dave Smale you can actually use LM Collectors as checkpoint locations now - you just need to create an Internal Web Check to do so (instead of a regular, external Web Check).
  17. Would LM consider adding more Checkpoint locations in the UK or Europe please? As a UK customer we get poor response times from Sydney and Singapore from the UK. US locations also are not ideal. Could we also have a feature to add our own LM Collectors as checkpoint locations too please?
  18. Hi, You have tried with Graph representation. That is even working for me without any issues. I can get the average value of my CPU in a graph format for every 'x' span of time. But my requirement is I need the cumulative average value of my CPU for a whole month (something like average of all the CPU values for the whole month in one single value). I am aware that, to display one single value, we have the widget called 'Big Number'. But the problem is when I select the time period as per my requirement, there is no impact in the data values displayed over the Widget. Not sure how to achieve this and not aware which period of data the Big Number Widget consider and present us. Any idea on this please?
  19. Polling devices that don't ping

    These are added via CSV and harvested from another monitoring system; I've verified that I can access the services (e.g. https, snmp) from the collector, but Logicmonitor's isn't initiating an active discovery.
  20. Polling devices that don't ping

    Hi @Dan_Wood Are you using the Wizard mode to add them, or the Expert mode? Expert mode would bypass the test. Note, however, without some other type of poll to generate some data, LogicMonitor's Host Status monitoring will generate an alert if no data is received for the device.
  21. Cisco EIGRP Peers

    Hey @Richard Collisn, thanks for this, we'll include this fix in the version in core.
  22. I have a few devices that, for some reason, do not respond to ping; is there a way to bypass the Ping check to query/discover these systems?
  23. LogicMonitor Portal Metrics

    We recently received and deployed a datasource we got from @Jake Cohen that also displays the number of Cloud devices monitored by a Collector, which is important for my leadership to understand our account utilization/commit metrics. I would highly encourage "LogicMonitor Portal Metrics DataSource from the LogicMonitor Repository using locator code J7RGZY" also incorporate this datapoint.
  24. Hi All, How to write a script to check the "TLS/SSL connection" using Active Discovery script for the port 443. (groovy script) How to extract all certification details using "active discovery" script? Also what is meant by SubjectX500Principal? Please advice.
  25. CSV exports with tabular data

    If this hasn't been noticed, can I move it to a forum that is meant to bring attention to problems with your system? Aside from this being in the "Feature Requests" forum - it's more of a FIX since your exports of tabular data are incorrectly formatted. CSV is for table data, not white-space. Maybe try outputting your content with white-space into a PDF and keep your CSV/XLSX exports tabular?
  26. Hi. This works for me to look at the Average CPU and Mem usage across all out Citrix application servers on a graph Hope that helps!
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