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  2. I have a Global account and plan to set up a set of Azure Stack systems (based on Dell servers and switch) in China. This customer asked us whether Logicmonitor can monitor Azure Stack servers in China. I saw on the Logicmonitor website that Logicmonitor can monitor Azure Cloud, so please help confirm two questions: 1. Can Logicmonitor provide monitoring services in mainland China? 2. Can Logicmonitor monitor Azure Stack hardware systems (DELL PowerEdge and PowerSwitch)? thanks.
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  4. I agree, this would be a nice feature.
  5. We have an issue with our Cisco ASR's. The entPhysicalEntry returns the main chassis SN along with all of the other installed modules SN's. The problem is that it's setting the SN of a module other than the main chassis. This then syncs back to our CMDB with the wrong SN. Have any of you guys encountered this? The excerpt below is from a custom prop source we have but is also included in the main Device_BasicInfo prop source. // entPhysicalEntry def seenOidTypes = []; def entWalk = Snmp.walk(hostname, "."); entWalk.
  6. Click on property sources then select a property source(any of them) then in the URL put 21 at the end and hit enter. That will take you to property source 21.
  7. Please reach out through your CSM, I would love to have a longer chat about this.
  8. I would not hold your breath -- I have had to fight just to get and keep SPF enabled on our email. Regardless, even if you could use the builtin alerts with a distinct From address, you would still have portal links embedded in the message that reveal it is LogicMonitor. You could do what we do and submit everything via a custom email integration (or a web integration via an API handler), then handle the data any way you like. In our case, we feed the tokens into an actual template system to format messages using conditional logic and all that stuff missing in the LM blind token substitutio
  9. We would like to be able to adjust the name attached to the From field on our outgoing alert emails. Ideally this would be a global setting for all alert emails without having to resort to custom integrations. We use our monitoring portal to send alerts directly to customers for some fully-managed services where they may not be aware of the LogicMonitor name. It would be better if we could modify the name to be "OurCompany Alert" instead of "LogicMonitor Alert".
  10. Thank you Stuart. Will revert to product team. Re: the links and ODATA method mentioned. Is there something we can do using that in Logicmonitor in your experience?
  11. Not sure if you have the same need I had on my organization but, we've developed a simple DS a while ago that fetches some power related metrics. You can find it here Not sure if it helps you out. Thanks!
  12. Here are at least two items that need to be added to make the dashboard token feature more useful: adjust widgets that cannot use tokens so they can (e.g., Alerts, Netflow, etc.) allow arbitrary tokens to be inserted as needed within widget fields (e.g., device patterns, instance patterns, etc.) A concrete example of the latter came upon me this morning. We have multiple locations with similar equipment for which we want to display Internet usage details, one set per dashboard (cgraph and netflow widgets). The edge device names vary as do the uplink ports to the ISPs in each
  13. @Stuart Weenig Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of, but I didn't have that option when I looked. As an enterprise IT operation (not an MSP one) we do not like it when things are presented to our users without our knowledge. We prefer new features to be disabled by default until we decide whether or not we want our users to have a feature. Otherwise it generates more work for us. We've had t disabled now in our portal.
  14. Release notes for .142 (I think) indicated that datasource LM_Device_Count had been deprecated and the replacement is Logicmonitor_Portal_Metrics. I don't recall how/if LM_Device_Count was related to this dashboard, but I upgraded Logicmonitor_Portal_Metrics anyway and all widgets (except the Resource Types Monitored pie chart) now display "Instance not found". Here's the steps I took: upgraded Logicmonitor_Portal_Metrics, deleted LM_Device_Count installed propertysource addCategory_LogicmonitorPortal added properties lmaccount,, lmaccess.key to a collector
  15. We typically don't have any concrete information about roadmaps here in the community. You'd need to reach out to your CSM to have them query the product/ME team to see if they are working on something like this. @Michael Rodrigues?
  16. Go to the user and uncheck the Logs page under view permissions:
  17. Hi Team, we have datasources in place for traditionl Citrix but dont have anything in place for Citrix Cloud with workloads operating on Azure. Is there a datasource in the works that can monitor Citrix Cloud services? I read below and wanted to understand if there was something we can do using this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  18. We have had the Logs options appear on our left hand nav bar. How can we turn this off please? @Sarah Terry
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  20. Threw these together to get some coverage out for SDX models. You can search and find these directly in the exchange.
  21. We support Fluentd as a log transport mechanism, which supports ingesting logs from may different types of sources and then sending those logs to LogicMonitor. You would simply need to run Fluentd in your environment and configure the Windows integration in the Fluentd configuration file. An example of how this can be done can be found here You could use script caching to maintain a running total of the value. Each run of the script would need to read in the value from the cache, add it to the current polled value and then output that sum as a datapoint and also output that sum back to
  22. Hi, is there any more news on this feature? In remote support use it is often critical functionality to be able to upload new software or download logs etc. I see that Guacamole supports file transfer for VNC, RDP, and SSH, using either the native file transfer support of the protocol or SFTP - see so it just needs to be added in to the LM interface I guess?
  23. Thanks for attending the US office Hours Please fill out our feedback survey: here Q: How to monitor memory used by a specific windows process and alert on threshold. [beginning] A: I demonstrate how to add a windows process instance. After some great contributions by our participants, they let me know that there is a datapoint that returns memory usage. Unfortunately, there are no datapoints in that datasource to serve as a good denominator, so to add a threshold would be an alert tuning exercise. What I didn't point out at the time is that this would be a great candidate for u
  24. I talked with support when I was setting this up and the answer right now is that this is not an "official" integration like Slack. So it's very limited, which is why there's no ACK or SDT at the moment. They did say an official integration is in the works but couldn't provide any more info like an eta.
  25. Hello, Has anyone figured out how to add an action to the MS Teams card to ACK or SDT the Alert from the MS Teams Channel Card? Slack has this capability, but I can't figure out what URI is needed to perform the action. ITs great to see the "Open Alert" action, but would love to ACK and SDT right next to the OPEN Alert action button in Teams. Thanks!
  26. The ##GROUP## token provides a command delimited list of the full paths of groups, example: Business Services/EMEA/Service Z, Business Services/APAC/Service X Can you please add another token which provides only the right most part, example: Service Z, Service X We want to send the groups to a webhook, but the full paths are too long and we don't have the option to do any processing at the webhook end.
  27. Thanks all for attending the EMEA session this morning! Please fill out our feedback survey. There was no recording of this morning's session. Stay tuned for the replay from this afternoon's US session.
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