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  2. Currently, dashboard tokens cannot be used in all widgets (e.g., alert widgets), or they are not overwritten in all widgets if there is support (e.g., table widgets). For these to be useful so a clone results in correct results, all widgets must support tokens. Thanks, Mark
  3. Tracking null system.category

    That works like a champ, one caveat though is that it does not factor in inherited system.categories but that is to be expected. Thank you again!
  4. how to concatenate two properties

    Actually. with "\&", it works. Thansk
  5. how to concatenate two properties

    No, it doesn't work. The "fields=name,id" part seems not taken. The "&" sign seems acting as "put into background on MAC".
  6. how to concatenate two properties

    Hi @Ye Tao - You should remove the second ? character, so the URL looks like this:,id Let me know if that doesn't work. Thanks, Sarah
  7. pulling text from db to add to error message

    I have the same need as the original request by KSTEVENS. However, our OS is Centos/Linux and our DB is PostgreSQL. Has anyone found a solution? So far we are able to use a custom datasource that performs an ErrorCount via DB query, and then the logic is configured to alert(Warning Level) on any delta greater or equal to 1 from the last poll. It is set to poll every minute which is the most frequent we can poll.
  8. VMWare Platform Service Controller Appliance

    I have a custom data source to monitor services on an ESXi host - hostd and vpxa. I am going to try and manipulate that to get services from a VCSA, similar to this:
  9. I am trying to use two properties in REST API call ( size and fields). Following doesn't work. Coi;d someone help on the syntax? Thanks, Ye curl -u USER:PASSWORD,id
  10. Collector 27.002 Memory Leaks

    @Chris Seiber Hi, sure will do. Do you guys track downgrades by customer? I'm going to downgrade all of mine to 27.000 as another one had a sudden CPU spike last night and crashed.
  11. Currency Monitoring

    Sadly, Looks like Yahoo shut down the API for everyone (after having had it work for over 15 years!). Luckily, @Antony Hawkins seems to have another solution:
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  13. netflow data access via API

    Yep, I concluded they were autoset based on current time, which is typically what I want (verify if we have recent data, generate alerts based on usage, etc.). But sure, if I want to do a sliding analysis over previous windows, those params will be needed.
  14. Collector 27.002 Memory Leaks

    Hi Mosh, Thanks for the report, would you mind submitting a support ticket with the collector details? We will review and let you know what we find out asap.
  15. netflow data access via API

    I believe the two parameters "start" and "end" are the epochs to use for the "time" parameter. Could be that omitting these means current time is automatically used. If you wanted to narrow the time period to check for data, you should be able to play with these two params.
  16. Has anyone else experienced any issues with Collector 27.002? I updated our SNMP collector (8G RAM, about 600 devices) a few days ago and twice it has gone down with memory maxing out. Have downgraded back to 27.000. I did a Send Logs to LogicMonitor, if it helps.
  17. Tracking null system.category

    @Dan_Wood You should be able to check for devices with an empty system.categories property using this dynamic group query: !system.categories
  18. Tracking null system.category

    Gah, I typo'd in my post; s/category/categories/
  19. Tracking null system.category

    I'm doing a moderately large new install of logicmonitor in multiple datacenters and found that if I come across a system that's being firewalled or blocked in general, it has a null system.category. I've been fiddling with using Dynamic Groups and have hit on a problem where I can't actually determine if system.category is null. I've tried hasCategory(""), system.category =~ "" , system.category !~ "*", and join(system.category,",") =~ "" Any guidance would be appreciated.
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  21. delete massive websites monitors

    Can you please provide an example? Thanks
  22. delete massive websites monitors

    REST API. Fetch the IDs using a filter based on the name of the Website check and iterate through the fetched IDs to delete.
  23. netflow data access via API

    @mosh Correct -- there is no access to this information via the API and no alerting capability, so if data is not populating for any reason, it is an unpleasant surprise when the data is needed. I run into this all the time, but have been able to create alert rules for key datapoints that let me know when stuff is broken (e.g., I found recently SNMP breaks when you have intermediate firewalls since the code re-uses a single session and sometimes passes data too infrequently to keep the "connection" active). Very nice! I have an initial script now that pulls top flows for netflow-enabled devices, so now I must see what I will do with this. Minimally, detect lack of data and either opsnotes additions for exceptional usage or email alerts (or both). Definitely important to include the size parameter, though. Core of current in-progress script: my $devices = $lmapi->get_all(path => "/device/devices", fields => "id,displayName,enableNetflow"); for my $device (@$devices) { if ($device->{enableNetflow} == JSON::true) { for my $flow ($lmapi->get_all(path => "/device/devices/$device->{id}/flows", size => 10, sort => '-usage', time => '2hour')) { print Dumper($flow); } } }
  24. Hi, We need to delete massive websites monitors. All of them were not created in any folder. All of them (name) start with letter "QC". How can I delete them w/o have to go to "Manage"? Manual delete through "Manage" tab really inefficient to handle such big amount of items. Thanks, Ye
  25. @Andrey Kitsen Thanks man! I just published it and the ID is 4TH3HA. In regards to what LM offers for this, since it involved creating a new database for tracking I figured it would be easier to use this method for the time being.
  26. Any idea when this will be out of 'security review' ?
  27. WinSystemUptime permissions error

    @Paul Hughes, @Arkadi Shlimovich - I am facing a similar issue. Using the data source 'WinSystemUptime' - if the collector is using a domain account, this source works fine. However, like Arkadi mentioned, if the collector is running as Local System, even having WMI permissions defined on the device, this data source will not work. All other data sources which use WMI do work, including those that are explicitly looking for wmi.user and wmi.pass Is there a way to get this working?
  28. Self-Healing actions

    Just a suggestion, Jenkins has a really good REST API which can be used to trigger task automations. Could use the LogicMonitor generic HTTP integration to trigger a Jenkins task.
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