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Update: We are currently in Soft Launch phase of our new Community. This site will be redirected on Feb 3rd to, full launch is Feb 13th.  


Update: As of 5pm Central time today, Jan 18h this Community will become READ ONLY.  We apologize for inconvenience, but look forward to you joining our new Logic Monitor Community. Anyone interested in joining our soft launch, can reach out to me at  Beginning Feb 6th (or possibly before) you will be automatically be redirected to the new community. 

Previous announcement and details below:
We are ecstatic to announce we are launching a new LogicMonitor community!  
Our new community will have a brand new look, we will still have forums for you to ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas, but in addition we will be adding new blogs and articles about best practices, thought leadership, tech talk tips & tricks, virtual events and specialty groups for Concierge & Customer Advocates! 

Expected New Community Launch date is early February 2023 
Stay tuned for final dates, announcements and what to expect until the new LM Community launch!

This Community will become READ ONLY on Jan 18th, if you are a current member of this Community and are interested in early access to the new LM Community, please PM me @A11ey before Jan 18th 2023.

Director of LM Community